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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Asparaginyl endopeptidase-mediated protein C-terminal hydrazinolysis for the synthesis of bioconjugatesZhang, Dingpeng; Wang, Zhen; Hu, Side; Chan, Ning-Yu; Liew, Heng Tai; Lescar, Julien; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2023Broad-spectrum ginsentides are principal bioactives in unraveling the cure-all effects of ginsengLoo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Dutta, Bamaprasad; Zhang, Xiaohong; Feng, Nan; Sze, Siu Kwan; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Wang, Xiaoliang; Tam, James P.
2016Butelase-mediated cyclization and ligation of peptides and proteinsQiu, Yibo; Nguyen, Giang Kien Truc; Cao, Yuan; Hemu, Xinya; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Tam, James Pingkwan
2015Butelase-mediated synthesis of protein thioesters and its application for tandem chemoenzymatic ligationCao, Yuan; Nguyen, Kien Truc Giang; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
 2023A cascade enzymatic reaction scheme for irreversible transpeptidative protein ligationXia, Yiyin; Li, Fupeng; Zhang, Xiaohong; Balamkundu, Seetharamsing; Tang, Fan; Hu, Side; Lescar, Julien; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2021Characterization and application of natural and recombinant butelase-1 to improve industrial enzymes by end-to-end circularizationHemu, Xinya; Zhang, Xiaohong; Nguyen, Giang K. T.; To, Janet; Serra, Aida; Loo, Shining; Sze, Siu Kwan; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Tam, James P.
 2018Chemical and enzymatic strategies for bacterial and mammalian cell surface engineeringBi, Xiaobao; Yin, Juan; Chen, Ashley Guanbang; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2021Engineering protein theranostics using bio-orthogonal asparaginyl peptide ligasesWang, Zhen; Zhang, Dingpeng; Hemu, Xinya; Hu, Side; To, Janet; Zhang, Xiaohong; Lescar, Julien; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
 2018Facilitating subtiligase-catalyzed peptide pigation reactions by using peptide thioester substratesTan, Xiaohong; Yang, Renliang; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2014High-resolution HDX-MS reveals distinct mechanisms of RNA recognition and activation by RIG-I and MDA5Liu, Chuan-Fa; Zheng, Jie; Yong, Hui Yee; Panutdaporn, Nantika; Tang, Kai; Luo, Dahai
 2018Immobilization and intracellular delivery of circular proteins by modifying a genetically incorporated unnatural amino acidBi, Xiaobao; Yin, Juan; Hemu, Xinya; Rao, Chang; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2016The Influence of Ionic Environment and Histone Tails on Ordered Columnar Phases of Nucleosome Core ParticlesBerezhnoy, Nikolay V.; Liu, Ying; Allahverdi, Abdollah; Yang, Renliang; Su, Chun-Jen; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Korolev, Nikolay; Nordenskiöld, Lars
 2018Investigating glyoxylate-mediated transamination using dipeptide arrays and proteomic peptide mixturesTan, Xiaohong; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2014ISWI remodelling of physiological chromatin fibres acetylated at Lysine 16 of Histone H4Klinker, Henrike; Mueller-Planitz, Felix; Nordenskiöld, Lars; Yang, Renliang; Forné, Ignasi; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Becker, Peter B.
2021The legumain McPAL1 from Momordica cochinchinensis is a highly stable Asx-specific splicing enzymeLiew, Heng Tai; To, Janet; Zhang, Xiaohong; Hemu, Xinya; Chan, Ning-Yu; Serra, Aida; Sze, Siu Kwan; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Tam, James P.
 2011N-to-C sequential ligation using peptidyl N,N-Bis(2-mercaptoethyl)amide building blocksLiu, Chuan-Fa; Yang, Renliang.; Hou, Wen.; Zhang, Xiaohong.
2014Native chemical ubiquitination using a genetically incorporated azidonorleucineYang, Renliang; Bi, Xiaobao; Li, Fupeng; Cao, Yuan; Liu, Chuan-Fa
 2021Nγ-hydroxyasparagine: a multifunctional unnatural amino acid that is a good P1 substrate of asparaginyl peptide ligasesXia, Yiyin; To, Janet; Chan, Ning-Yu; Hu, Side; Liew, Heng Tai; Balamkundu, Seetharamsing; Zhang, Xiaohong; Lescar, Julien; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
 2021pH-controlled protein orthogonal ligation using asparaginyl peptide ligasesZhang, Dingpeng; Wang, Zhen; Hu, Side; Balamkundu, Seetharamsing; To, Janet; Zhang, Xiaohong; Lescar, Julien; Tam, James P.; Liu, Chuan-Fa
2020Reduction of mNAT1/hNAT2 contributes to cerebral endothelial necroptosis and Aβ accumulation in alzheimer's diseaseZou, Chengyu; Mifflin, Lauren; Hu, Zhirui; Zhang, Tian; Shan, Bing; Wang, Huibing; Xing, Xin; Zhu, Hong; Adiconis, Xian; Levin, Joshua Z.; Li, Fupeng; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Liu, Jun S.; Yuan, Junying