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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Cascaded fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometers with Vernier effect for highly sensitive measurement of axial strain and magnetic fieldZhang, Peng; Tang, Ming; Gao, Feng; Zhu, Benpeng; Fu, Songnian; Ouyang, Jun; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
 2012Comb filter-based fiber-optic methane sensor system with mitigation of cross gas sensitivityLiu, Duan; Fu, Songnian; Tang, Ming; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
 2012A compact all fiber refractive index sensor based on modal interferenceWo, Jianghai; Sun, Qizhen; Li, Xiaolei; Zhang, Jiejun; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
2012Dual-polarization DBR fiber laser sensor for liquid-level measurementShum, Perry Ping; Wo, Jianghai; Zhang, Jiejun; Sun, Qizhen; Dai, Yi; Li, Xiaolei; Xu, Zhilin; Liu, Deming
 2018An electrooptic chaotic system based on a hybrid feedback loopCheng, Mengfan; Luo, Chenkun; Jiang, Xingxing; Deng, Lei; Zhang, Minming; Ke, Changjian; Fu, Songnian; Tang, Ming; Shum, Ping; Liu, Deming
2020Gold-diaphragm based Fabry-Perot ultrasonic sensor for partial discharge detection and localizationZhang, Wei; Lu, Ping; Ni, Wenjun; Xiong, Wanze; Liu, Deming; Zhang, Jiangshan
2019Harnessing oversampling in correlation-coded OTDRLiao, Ruolin; Tang, Ming; Zhao, Can; Wu, Hao; Fu, Songnian; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
2014Highly sensitive refractive index sensor based on two cascaded microfiber knots with vernier effectSun, Qizhen; Jia, Weihua; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming; Xu, Zhilin
2014Improved location algorithm for multiple intrusions in distributed Sagnac fiber sensing systemWang, He; Sun, Qizhen; Li, Xiaolei; Wo, Jianghai; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
2017M-OTDR sensing system based on 3D encoded microstructuresSun, Qizhen; Ai, Fan; Liu, Deming; Cheng, Jianwei; Luo, Hongbo; Peng, Kuan; Luo, Yiyang; Yan, Zhijun; Shum, Perry Ping
2012Microfiber Fabry–Perot interferometer fabricated by taper-drawing technique and its application as a radio frequency interrogated refractive index sensorZhang, Jiejun; Sun, Qizhen; Liang, Ruibing; Wo, Jianghai; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
2018Multiplexed ultrafast fiber laser emitting multi-state solitonsLiu, Bowen; Luo, Yiyang; Xiang, Yang; Xiao, Xiangpeng; Sun, Qizhen; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
2014Noninvasive respiration movement sensor based on distributed Bragg reflector fiber laser with beat frequency interrogationWo, Jianghai; Wang, He; Sun, Qizhen; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
2014Nyquist WDM superchannel using offset-16QAM and receiver-side digital spectral shapingXiang, Meng; Fu, Songnian; Tang, Ming; Tang, Haoyuan; Shum, Perry; Liu, Deming
2015Offset-16QAM-based coherent WDM with multi-carrier group detectionXiang, Meng; Fu, Songnian; Tang, M.; Shum, P.; Liu, Deming
2014Palm-shaped optical spectrum generation for fiber-wireless integrated communication with dual-band millimeter wave capabilityLin, Rui; Feng, Zhenhua; Tang, Ming; Wang, Ruoxu; Fu, Songnian; Shum, Ping; Liu, Deming
2013Phase noise tolerant inter-carrier-interference cancellation for WDM superchannels with sub-Nyquist channel spacingYao, Shuchang; Fu, Songnian; Li, Jianqiang; Tang, Ming; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
2014Photonic generation of microwave signal with capability of arbitrary phase shifting using XPM in HNLFFeng, Zhenhua; Fu, Songnian; Tang, Ming; Lin, Rui; Wang, Ruoxu; Shum, P.; Liu, Deming
2014Programmable bandwidth-variable optical temporal differentiator based on linearly chirped fiber bragg grating and digital thermal controllerWang, Ruoxu; Tang, Ming; Zhang, Hailiang; Feng, Zhenhua; Lin, Rui; Fu, Songnian; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
2014Programmable multi-wavelength filter with Mach–Zehnder interferometer embedded in ethanol filled photonic crystal fiberZhao, Zhiyong; Tang, Ming; Liao, Huiqi; Ren, Guobin; Fu, Songnian; Yang, Fang; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming