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2012Anisotropic magnetoresistance in topological insulator Bi1.5Sb0.5Te1.8Se1.2∕CoFe heterostructuresXia, B.; Li, Z. P.; Liu, P.; Ren, Peng; Sulaev, Azat; Dong, Zhili; Wang, Lan
2013Effect of exposure to ultraviolet-activated oxygen on the electrical characteristics of amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide thin film transistorsLiu, P.; Li, X. D.; Liu, Z.; Wong, J. I.; Liu, Y.; Leong, K. C.; Chen, Tupei
2013Effects of free electrons and quantum confinement in ultrathin ZnO films : a comparison between undoped and Al-doped ZnOLi, X. D.; Liu, P.; Liu, Y.; Leong, K. C.; Chen, Tupei
 2020An experimental investigation on the effects of air on filmwise condensation of PF-5060 dielectric fluid on plain and finned tube bundlesLiu, P.; Kandasamy, R.; Ho, J. Y.; Wong, Teck Neng
 2021Experimental study and application of an artificial neural network (ANN) model on pulsed spray cooling heat transfer on a vertical surfaceLiu, P.; Kandasamy, R.; Wong, Teck Neng
 2014An experimental study of lateral charge transfer in silicon nanocrystal layer embedded in SiO2 thin filmWong, J. I.; Chen, T. P.; Tay, Y. Y.; Liu, P.; Yang, M.; Liu, Z.; Yang, H. Y.
 2014Influence of the excess Al content on memory behaviors of Worm devices based on sputtered Al-rich aluminum oxide thin filmsLiu, Z.; Liu, P.; Li, H. K.; Chen, T. P.
2016A light-stimulated synaptic transistor with synaptic plasticity and memory functions based on InGaZnOx–Al2O3 thin film structureLi, Hua Kai; Chen, Tupei; Liu, P.; Hu, S. G.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Qing; Lee, Pooi See
2013Recovery from ultraviolet-induced threshold voltage shift in indium gallium zinc oxide thin film transistors by positive gate biasLiu, P.; Li, X. D.; Liu, Z.; Wong, J. I.; Liu, Y.; Leong, K. C.; Chen, Tupei
2015Study of Multilevel High-Resistance States in HfOx-Based Resistive Switching Random Access Memory by Impedance SpectroscopyLi, H. K.; Chen, T. P.; Hu, S. G.; Liu, P.; Liu, Y.; Lee, P. S.; Wang, X. P.; Li, H. Y.; Lo, G. Q.
2014A study on the evolution of dielectric function of ZnO thin films with decreasing film thicknessLi, X. D.; Chen, T. P.; Liu, P.; Liu, Y.; Liu, Z.; Leong, K. C.
 2021A theoretical analysis and parametric study of filmwise condensation on three-dimensional pin finsHo, Jin Yao; Liu, P.; Leong, Kai Choong; Wong, Teck Neng; Miljkovic, Nenad