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 2018A 34-fps 698-GOP/s/W binarized deep neural network-based natural scene text interpretation accelerator for mobile edge computingLi, Yixing; Liu, Zichuan; Liu, Wenye; Jiang, Yu; Wang, Yongliang; Goh, Wang Ling; Yu, Hao; Ren, Fengbo
2018Active IC metering of digital signal processing subsystem with two-tier activation for secure split testDhabu, Sumedh Somnath; Zheng, Yue; Liu, Wenye; Chang, Chip Hong
2019Analysis of circuit aging on accuracy degradation of deep neural network acceleratorLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong
2019Detecting adversarial examples for deep neural networks via layer directed discriminative noise injectionWang, Si; Liu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong
2020Fired neuron rate based decision tree for detection of adversarial examples in DNNsWang, Si; Liu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong
2021A forward error compensation approach for fault resilient deep neural network accelerator designLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip Hong
2020Imperceptible misclassification attack on deep learning accelerator by glitch injectionLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong; Zhang, Fan; Lou, Xiaoxuan
2021A new lightweight in-situ adversarial sample detector for edge deep neural networkWang, Si; Liu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong
2022A practical man-in-the-middle attack on deep learning edge device by sparse light strip injection into camera data laneLiu, Wenye; He, Weiyang; Hu, Bowen; Chang, Chip-Hong
2022PUF-based mutual authentication and key exchange protocol for peer-to-peer IoT applicationsZheng, Yue; Liu, Wenye; Gu, Chongyan; Chang, Chip Hong
2020Stealthy and robust glitch injection attack on deep learning accelerator for target with variational viewpointLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip-Hong; Zhang, Fan
2021Two sides of the same coin : boons and banes of machine learning in hardware securityLiu, Wenye; Chang, Chip Hong; Wang, Xueyang; Liu, Chen; Fung, Jason M.; Mohammad Ebrahimabadi; Karimi, Naghmeh; Meng, Xingyu; Basu, Kanad
2019Vulnerability analysis on noise-injection based hardware attack on deep neural networksLiu, Wenye; Wang, Si; Chang, Chip-Hong