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2021Anti-fungal hevein-like peptides biosynthesized from quinoa cleavable hololectinsLoo, Shining; Tay, Stephanie Victoria; Kam, Antony; Tang, Fan; Fan, Jing-Song; Yang, Daiwen; Tam, James P.
2017Bleogens : cactus-derived anti-candida cysteine-rich peptides with three different precursor arrangementsLoo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Xiao, Tianshu; Tam, James P.
2015Butelase 1: A Versatile Ligase for Peptide and Protein MacrocyclizationNguyen, Giang Kien Truc; Kam, Antony; Tam, James Pingkwan; Loo, Shining; Jansson, Anna Elisabet; Pan, Lucy Xin
2021Characterization and application of natural and recombinant butelase-1 to improve industrial enzymes by end-to-end circularizationHemu, Xinya; Zhang, Xiaohong; Nguyen, Giang K. T.; To, Janet; Serra, Aida; Loo, Shining; Sze, Siu Kwan; Liu, Chuan-Fa; Tam, James P.
2021Discovery of hyperstable noncanonical plant-derived epidermal growth factor receptor agonist and analogsLoo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Li, Binbin; Feng, Nan; Wang, Xiaoliang; Tam, James P.
2023Ginsentide TP1 protects hypoxia-induced dysfunction and ER stress-linked apoptosisDutta, Bamaprasad; Loo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Sze, Siu Kwan; Tam, James P.
2023Ginsentide-like coffeetides isolated from coffee waste are cell-penetrating and metal-binding microproteinsTam, James P.; Huang, Jiayi; Loo, Shining; Li, Yimeng; Kam, Antony
2018Ginsentides : cysteine and glycine-rich peptides from the ginseng family with unusual disulfide connectivityTam, James P.; Loo, Shining; Wang, Shujing; Yang, Daiwen; Kam, Antony; Nguyen, Giang Kien Truc
2022Hyperstable EGF-like bleogen derived from cactus accelerates corneal healing in ratsLoo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Tam, James P.
2016Identification and characterization of roseltide, a knottin-type neutrophil elastase inhibitor derived from hibiscus sabdariffaNguyen, Giang Kien Truc; Tam, James Pingkwan; Loo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Xiao, Tianshu; Liu, Chuan Fa
2019Plant-derived mitochondria-targeting cysteine-rich peptide modulates cellular bioenergeticsKam, Antony; Dutta, Bamaprasad; Loo, Shining; Tam, James P.; Sze, Siu Kwan
2023Plant‑derived cell‑penetrating microprotein α‑astratide aM1 targets Akt signaling and alleviates insulin resistanceDutta, Bamaprasad; Loo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Tam, James P.
2019Roseltide rT7 is a disulfide-rich, anionic, and cell-penetrating peptide that inhibits proteasomal degradationKam, Antony ; Loo, Shining; Fan, Jing-Song; Sze, Siu Kwan; Yang, Daiwen; Tam, James P.