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 2013Algorithm design for data communications in duty-cycled wireless sensor networks : a surveyLiu, Yang; Han, Kai.; Luo, Jun.; Vasilakos, Athanasios V.
2010Does compressed sensing improve the throughput of wireless sensor networks?Liu, Xiang.; Rosenberg, Catherine.; Luo, Jun.
2009Efficient algorithms to solve a class of resource allocation problems in large wireless networksLuo, Jun.; Girard, Andre.; Rosenberg, Catherine.
2008Engineering wireless mesh networksGirard, Andre.; Rosenberg, Catherine.; Luo, Jun.
2008GossiCrypt : wireless sensor network data confidentiality against parasitic adversariesLuo, Jun.; Panagiotis Papadimitratos.; Hubaux, Jean-Pierre.
2009Joint sink mobility and routing to maximize the lifetime of wireless sensor networks : the case of constrained mobilityLuo, Jun.; Hubaux, Jean-Pierre.
 2012Minimum-energy connected coverage in wireless sensor networks with omni-directional and directional featuresLiu, Yang; Han, Kai.; Xiang, Liu.; Luo, Jun.
2006Mobility to improve the lifetime of wireless sensor networks : a theoretical frameworkHubaux, Jean-Pierre.; Luo, Jun.
2006MobiRoute : routing towards a mobile sink for improving lifetime in sensor networksLuo, Jun.; Panchard, Jacques.; Piorkowski, Michal.; Hubaux, Jean-Pierre.; Grossglauser, Matthias.
2010On the capacity and scheduling of a multi-sector cell with co-channel interference knowledgeMitran, Patrick.; Rosenberg, Catherine.; Sydor, John.; Luo, Jun.; Samat Shabdanov.
2008On the performance of primal/dual schemes for congestion control in networks with dynamic flowsLuo, Jun.; Ma, Kexin.; Ravi Mazumdar.
 2012Optimal provisioning for scheduling divisible loads with reserved cloud resourcesHu, Menglan.; Luo, Jun.; Veeravalli, Bharadwaj.
2010Practical algorithm for minimum delay peer-to-peer media streamingLuo, Jun.
2010A randomized countermeasure against parasitic adversaries in wireless sensor networksLuo, Jun.; Panagiotis Papadimitratos.; Hubaux, Jean-Pierre.
2007Throughput-Lifetime tradeoffs in multihop wireless networks under a realistic interference modelLuo, Jun.; Iyer, Aravind.; Rosenberg, Catherine.