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2021Biaxially strained germanium crossbeam with a high-quality optical cavity for on-chip laser applicationsJung, Yongduck; Kim, Youngmin; Burt, Daniel; Joo, Hyo-Jun; Kang, Dong-Ho; Luo, Manlin; Chen, Melvina; Lin, Zhang; Tan, Chuan Seng; Nam, Donguk
2022Direct bandgap GeSn nanowires enabled with ultrahigh tension from harnessing intrinsic compressive strainBurt, Daniel; Joo, Hyo-Jun; Kim, Youngmin; Jung, Yongduck; Chen, Melvina; Luo, Manlin; Kang, Dong-Ho; Assali, Simone; Zhang, Lin; Son, Bongkwon; Fan, Weijun; Moutanabbir, Oussama; Ikonic, Zoran; Tan, Chuan Seng; Huang, Yi-Chiau; Nam, Donguk
 2022Efficient avalanche photodiodes with a WSe₂/MoS₂ heterostructure via two-photon absorptionSon, Bongkwon; Wang, Yadong; Luo, Manlin; Lu, Kunze; Kim, Youngmin; Joo, Hyo-Jun; Yi, Yu; Wang, Chongwu; Wang, Qi Jie; Chae, Sang Hoon; Nam, Donguk
2021Frequency-tunable terahertz graphene laser enabled by pseudomagnetic fields in strain-engineered grapheneSun, Hao; Qi, Zhipeng; Kim, Youngmin; Luo, Manlin; Yang, Bo; Nam, Donguk
2021Pseudo-magnetic field-induced slow carrier dynamics in periodically strained grapheneKang, Dong-Ho; Sun, Hao; Luo, Manlin; Lu, Kunze; Chen, Melvina; Kim, Youngmin; Jung, Yongduck; Gao, Xuejiao; Parluhutan, Samuel Jior; Ge, Junyu; Koh, See Wee; Giovanni, David; Sum, Tze Chien; Wang, Qi Jie; Li, Hong; Nam, Donguk
2021Rapid fabrication of complex nanostructures using room-temperature ultrasonic nanoimprintingGe, Junyu; Ding, Bin; Hou, Shuai; Luo, Manlin; Nam, Donguk; Duan, Hongwei; Gao, Huajian; Lam, Yee Cheong; Li, Hong
2018Strained germanium nanowire optoelectronic devices for photonic-integrated circuitsQi, Zhipeng; Sun, Hao; Luo, Manlin; Jung, Yongduck; Nam, Donguk
2023Strong second-harmonic generation by sublattice polarization in non-uniformly strained monolayer grapheneLu, Kunze; Luo, Manlin; Gao, Weibo; Wang, Qi Jie; Sun, Hao; Nam, Donguk
 2022Triaxially strained suspended graphene for large-area pseudo-magnetic fieldsLuo, Manlin; Sun, Hao; Qi, Zhipeng; Lu, Kunze; Chen, Melvina; Kang, Dongho; Kim, Youngmin; Burt, Daniel; Yu, Xuechao; Wang, Chongwu; Kim, Young Duck; Wang, Hong; Wang, Qi Jie; Nam, Donguk
 2022Ultrafast light emission at telecom wavelengths from a wafer-scale monolayer graphene enabled by Fabry-Perot interferencesLu, Kunze; Luo, Manlin; Wang, Yadong; Son, Bongkwon; Yu, Yi; Nam, Donguk