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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Adaptive conflict resolution for multi-UAV 4D routes optimization using stochastic fractal search algorithmPang, Bizhao; Low, Kin Huat; Lv, Chen
2022Affine layer-enabled transfer learning for eye tracking with facial feature detection in human–machine interactionsHu, Zhongxu; Zhang, Yiran; Lv, Chen
2020Cooperative path planning for heterogeneous unmanned vehicles in a search-and-track mission aiming at an underwater targetWu, Yu; Low, Kin Huat; Lv, Chen
 2021Deep convolutional neural network-based Bernoulli heatmap for head pose estimationHu, Zhongxu; Xing, Yang; Lv, Chen; Hang, Peng; Liu, Jie
 2019Distributed training for multi-layer neural networks by consensusLiu, Bo; Ding, Zhengtao; Lv, Chen
 2022Driver anomaly quantification for intelligent vehicles: a contrastive learning approach with representation clusteringHu, Zhongxu; Xing, Yang; Gu, Weihao; Cao, Dongpu; Lv, Chen
2018Driving-style-based codesign optimization of an automated electric vehicle : a cyber-physical system approachLv, Chen; Hu, Xiaosong; Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto; Li, Yutong; Martinez, Clara Marina; Cao, Dongpu
2018Driving-style-oriented multi-objective optimal control of an electric vehicleYang, Caixia; Lv, Chen; Shu, Hongyu; Song, Yitong; Wang, Huaji; Cao, Dongpu
 2019Dynamic state estimation for the advanced brake system of electric vehicles by using deep recurrent neural networksXing, Yang; Lv, Chen
 2020Energy oriented driving behavior analysis and personalized prediction of vehicle states with joint time series modelingXing, Yang; Lv, Chen; Cao, Dongpu; Lu, Chao
 2024Fear-neuro-inspired reinforcement learning for safe autonomous drivingHe, Xiangkun; Wu, Jingda; Huang, Zhiyu; Hu, Zhongxu; Wang, Jun; Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto; Lv, Chen
2018Guest editorial special section on cyber-physical systems in green transportationHu, X.; Baronti, F.; Ma, C.; Lv, Chen
2018High-precision modulation of a safety-critical cyber-physical system : control synthesis and experimental validationLi, Yutong; Lv, Chen; Zhang, Junzhi; Zhang, Yun; Ma, Wanjing
 2024A human-cyber-physical system enabled sequential disassembly planning approach for a human-robot collaboration cell in Industry 5.0Lou, Shanhe; Zhang, Yiran; Tan, Runjia; Lv, Chen
2022Human-guided safe and efficient trajectory replanning for unmanned aerial vehiclesZhang, Zezhong; Chen, Hao; Lye, Sun Woh; Lv, Chen
2021Human-machine shared driving control for semi-autonomous vehicles using level of cooperativenessNguyen, Anh-Tu; Rath, Jagat Jyoti; Lv, Chen; Guerra, Thierry-Marie; Lauber, Jimmy
2022Human-machine telecollaboration accelerates the safe deployment of large-scale autonomous robots during the COVID-19 pandemicHu, Zhongxu; Zhang, Yiran; Li, Qinghua; Lv, Chen
2023Hybrid physics-data-driven online modelling: framework, methodology and application to electric vehiclesChen, Hao; Lou, Shanhe; Lv, Chen
2018Hybrid-learning-based classification and quantitative inference of driver braking intensity of an electrified vehicleLv, Chen; Xing, Yang; Lu, Chao; Liu, Yahui; Guo, Hongyan; Gao, Hongbo; Cao, Dongpu
2022The identification of non-driving activities with associated implication on the take-over processYang, Lichao; Semiromi, Babayi Mahdi; Xing, Yang; Lv, Chen; Brighton, James; Zhao, Yifan