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2018Biomass-based honeycomb-like architectures for preparation of robust carbon foams with high electromagnetic interference shielding performanceMa, Daphne Xiu Yun; Seyed Ismail Seyed Shahabadi; Zeng, Zhihui; Zhang, Youfang; Che, Boyang; Wang, Peiyu; Lu, Xuehong
2022Facile anchoring mussel adhesive mimic tentacles on biodegradable polymer cargo carriers via self-assembly for microplastic-free cosmeticsXu, Lulu; Liu, Jian; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Li, Zibiao; He, Chaobin; Lu, Xuehong
 2019FeCo/FeCoNi/N-doped carbon nanotubes grafted polyhedron-derived hybrid fibers as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for durable rechargeable zinc–air batteryWang, Zhe; Ang, Jiaming; Zhang, Bowei; Zhang, Youfang; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Yan, Tao; Liu, Jian; Che, Boyang; Huang, Yizhong; Lu, Xuehong
 2020FeNi alloys encapsulated in N-doped CNTs-tangled porous carbon fibers as highly efficient and durable bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteryWang, Zhe; Ang, Jiaming; Liu, Jian; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Kong, Junhua; Zhang, Youfang; Yan, Tao; Lu, Xuehong
 2021Metal-organic framework-based flexible devices with simultaneous electrochromic and electrofluorochromic functionsLiu, Jian; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Wang, Zhe; Xu, Lulu; Wang, Fuke; He, Chaobin; Lu, Xuehong
2019Mussel-inspired approach to cross-linked functional 3D nanofibrous aerogels for energy-efficient filtration of ultrafine airborne particlesZhang, Youfang; Zeng, Zhihui; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Zhao, Chenyang; Ang, Jia Ming; Ng, Bing Feng; Wan, Man Pun; Wong, Shing-Chung; Wang, Zhe; Lu, Xuehong
 2021Polymeric one-side conductive Janus separator with preferably oriented pores for enhancing lithium metal battery safetyXu, Lulu; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Wang, Wei; Liu, Jian; Wang, Zhe; Lu, Xuehong
2019Robust lignin-based aerogel filters : high-efficiency capture of ultrafine airborne particulates and the mechanismZeng, Zhihui; Ma, Daphne Xiu Yun; Zhang, Youfang; Wang, Zhe; Ng, Bing Feng; Wan, Man Pun; Lu, Xuehong
 2022Robust microhoneycomb-like nanofibrous aerogels derived from cellulose and lignin as highly efficient, low-resistant and anti-clogging air filtersMa, Daphne Xiu Yun; Zeng, Zhihui; Wang, Zhe; Xu, Lulu; Zhang, Youfang; Ang, Jia Ming; Wan, Man Pun; Ng, Bing Feng; Lu, Xuehong