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 2013Biocompatible pillararene-assembly-based carriers for dual bioimagingZhang, Huacheng; Ma, Xing; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Zhao, Yanli
2015Covalent organic frameworks formed with two types of covalent bonds based on orthogonal reactionsZeng, Yongfei; Zou, Ruyi; Luo, Zhong; Zhang, Huacheng; Yao, Xin; Ma, Xing; Zou, Ruqiang; Zhao, Yanli
 2012Functional mesoporous silica nanoparticles for photothermal-controlled drug delivery in vivoYan, Hong; Teh, Cathleen; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Zhu, Liangliang; Kwok, Anna; Fang, Weiqin; Ma, Xing; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Korzh, Vladimir; Zhao, Yanli
 2012Graphene oxide wrapping on squaraine-loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles for bioimagingSreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Ma, Xing; Zhao, Yanli
2015In Situ Integration of Anisotropic SnO 2 Heterostructures inside Three-Dimensional Graphene Aerogel for Enhanced Lithium StorageYao, Xin; Guo, Guilue; Ma, Xing; Zhao, Yang; Ang, Chung Yen; Luo, Zhong; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Li, Pei-Zhou; Yan, Qingyu; Zhao, Yanli
 2013Integrated hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles for target drug/siRNA co-deliveryMa, Xing; Zhao, Yun; Ng, Kee Woei; Zhao, Yanli
2014Intracellular delivery of antisense peptide nucleic acid by fluorescent mesoporous silica nanoparticlesMa, Xing; Qu, Qiuyu; Devi, Gitali; Toh, Desiree-Faye Kaixin; Chen, Gang; Zhao, Yanli
 2014Morphology-tuned exceptional catalytic activity of porous-polymer-supported Mn3O4 in aerobic sp3 C-H bond oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons and alcoholsMondal, John; Borah, Parijat; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Han, Xiguang; Zhao, Yanli; Ma, Xing
 2012Multifunctional mesoporous silica nanoparticles for cancer-targeted and controlled drug deliveryZhang, Quan; Liu, Fang; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Ma, Xing; Wang, Xiao-Jun; Xing, Bengang; Zhao, Yanli
2013Overexpression of 4EBP1, p70S6K, Akt1 or Akt2 differentially promotes Coxsackievirus B3-induced apoptosis in HeLa cellsXing, X.; Huang, L.; Li, X.; Li, Z.; Zhou, W.; Tian, L.; Chen, J.; Chen, C.; Ma, Xing; Yang, Z.
 2013Photocontrolled nuclear-targeted drug delivery by single component photoresponsive fluorescent organic nanoparticles of acridin-9-methanolBanerjee, Deb Ranjan; Ghosh, Sudip Kumar; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Ma, Xing; Qu, Qiuyu; Zhao, Yanli; Pradeep Singh, N. D.; Jana, Avijit; Saha, Biswajit
 2015A preloaded amorphous calcium carbonate/doxorubicin@silica nanoreactor for pH-responsive delivery of an anticancer drugZhao, Yang; Luo, Zhong; Li, Menghuan; Qu, Qiuyu; Ma, Xing; Yu, Shu-Hong; Zhao, Yanli
2014Redox-responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles : a physiologically sensitive codelivery vehicle for siRNA and doxorubicinMa, Xing; Teh, Cathleen; Zhang, Quan; Borah, Parijat; Choong, Cleo Swee Neo; Korzh, Vladimir; Zhao, Yanli
 2013Thermo-responsive fluorescent vesicles assembled by fluorescein-functionalized pillar[5]areneZhang, Huacheng; Ma, Xing; Guo, Junfei; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Zhang, Quan; Wang, Xiao-Jun; Yan, Hong; Zhu, Liangliang; Zhao, Yanli
 2014Ultrasmall phosphorescent polymer dots for ratiometric oxygen sensing and photodynamic cancer therapyShi, Huifang; Ma, Xing; Zhao, Qiang; Liu, Bin; Qu, Qiuyu; An, Zhongfu; Zhao, Yanli; Huang, Wei
 2013Unimolecular photoconversion of multicolor luminescence on hierarchical self-assembliesZhu, Liangliang; Li, Xin; Zhang, Quan; Ma, Xing; Li, Menghuan; Zhang, Huacheng; Luo, Zhong; Ågren, Hans; Zhao, Yanli
 2012A vanadyl complex grafted to periodic mesoporous organosilica : a green catalyst for selective hydroxylation of benzene to phenolBorah, Parijat; Ma, Xing; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Zhao, Yanli
 2014Water-Soluble pillararene-functionalized graphene oxide for in vitro raman and fluorescence dual-mode imagingZhao, Yanli; Zhang, Huacheng; Ma, Xing; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Zeng, Yongfei; Tai, Shuhui