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 2012Adaptive fuzzy rule-based classification system integrating both expert knowledge and dataNg, Gee Wah; Tang, Wenyin; Mao, Kezhi; Mak, Lee Onn
2020Bag-of-Concepts representation for document classification based on automatic knowledge acquisition from probabilistic knowledge baseLi, Pengfei; Mao, Kezhi; Xu, Yuecong; Li, Qi; Zhang, Jiaheng
 2018Deep learning and its applications to machine health monitoringZhao, Rui; Yan, Ruqiang; Chen, Zhenghua; Mao, Kezhi; Wang, Peng; Gao, Robert X.
 2021Effective action recognition with embedded key point shiftsCao, Haozhi; Xu, Yuecong; Yang, Jianfei; Mao, Kezhi; Yin, Jianxiong; See, Simon
2019Enhanced feature fusion through irrelevant redundancy elimination in intra-class and extra-class discriminative correlation analysisWu, Zuobin; Mao, Kezhi; Ng, Gee-Wah
 2023Feature-aware conditional GAN for category text generationLi, Xinze; Mao, Kezhi; Lin, Fanfan; Feng, Zijian
 2017Fuzzy bag-of-words model for document representationZhao, Rui; Mao, Kezhi
 2023A graph attention network utilizing multi-granular information for emotion-cause pair extractionChen, Siyuan; Mao, Kezhi
 2023Knowledge-based BERT word embedding fine-tuning for emotion recognitionZhu, Zixiao; Mao, Kezhi
2019Knowledge-oriented convolutional neural network for causal relation extraction from natural language textsLi, Pengfei; Mao, Kezhi
2017Learning to Monitor Machine Health with Convolutional Bi-Directional LSTM NetworksZhao, Rui; Yan, Ruqiang; Wang, Jinjiang; Mao, Kezhi
 2017Machine health monitoring using local feature-based gated recurrent unit networksZhao, Rui; Wang, Dongzhe; Yan, Ruqiang; Mao, Kezhi; Shen, Fei; Wang, Jinjiang
 2022A novel end-to-end neural network for simultaneous filtering of task-unrelated named entities and fine-grained typing of task-related named entitiesLi, Qi; Mao, Kezhi; Li, Pengfei; Xu, Yuecong; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
 2021Particle swarm optimization with state-based adaptive velocity limit strategyLi, Xinze; Mao, Kezhi; Lin, Fanfan; Zhang, Xin
 2019Semantic-filtered Soft-Split-Aware video captioning with audio-augmented featureXu, Yuecong; Yang, Jianfei; Mao, Kezhi
 2022Tailored text augmentation for sentiment analysisFeng, Zijian; Zhou, Hanzhang; Zhu, Zixiao; Mao, Kezhi
 2019Task-generic semantic convolutional neural network for web text-aided image classificationWang, Dongzhe; Mao, Kezhi
2017Topic-Aware Deep Compositional Models for Sentence ClassificationZhao, Rui; Mao, Kezhi