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2018Coastal urbanisation affects microbial communities on a dominant marine holobiontMarzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Qiu, Zhiguang; Dafforn, Katherine A.; Johnston, Emma L.; Steinberg, Peter D.; Mayer-Pinto, Mariana
2023Experimental evidence root-associated microbes mediate seagrass response to environmental stressFuggle, Rose E.; Gribben, Paul E.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel
2020Financial and institutional support are important for large-scale kelp forest restorationEger, Aaron M.; Vergés, Adriana; Choi, Chang Geun; Christie, Hartvig; Coleman, Melinda A.; Fagerli, Camilla W.; Fujita, Daisuke; Hasegawa, Masatoshi; Kim, Jeong Ha; Mayer-Pinto, Mariana; Reed, Dan C.; Steinberg, Peter David; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel
2019Future climate change is predicted to affect the microbiome and condition of habitat-forming kelpSteinberg, Peter David; Qiu, Zhiguang; Coleman, Melinda A.; Provost, Euan; Dalton, Steven J.; Thomas, Torsten; Campbell, Alexandra H.; Kelaher, Brendan P.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel
2020Genomic, metabolic and phenotypic variability shapes ecological differentiation and intraspecies interactions of Alteromonas macleodiiKoch, Hanna; Germscheid, Nora; Freese, Heike M.; Noriega-Ortega, Beatriz; Lücking, Dominik; Berger, Martine; Qiu, Galaxy; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Campbell, Alexandra H.; Steinberg, Peter David; Overmann, Jörg; Dittmar, Thorsten; Simon, Meinhard; Wietz, Matthias
2022Global kelp forest restoration: past lessons, present status, and future directionsEger, Aaron M.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Christie, Hartvig; Fagerli, Camilla W.; Fujita, Daisuke; Gonzalez, Alejandra P.; Hong, Seok Woo; Kim, Jeong Ha; Lee, Lynn C.; McHugh, Tristin Anoush; Nishihara, Gregory N.; Tatsumi, Masayuki; Steinberg, Peter D.; Vergés, Adriana
2022Host genetics, phenotype and geography structure the microbiome of a foundational seaweedWood, Georgina; Steinberg, Peter David; Campbell, Alexandra H.; Vergés, Adriana; Coleman, Melinda A.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel
2023How many sites? Methods to assist design decisions when collecting multivariate data in ecologyMaslen, Ben; Popovic, Gordana; Lim, Michelle; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Warton, David
2021Influence of extraction solvent on nontargeted metabolomics analysis of enrichment reactor cultures performing enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR)Saw, Nay Min Min Thaw; Suwanchaikasem, Pipob; Zuniga-Montanez, Rogelio; Qiu, Guanglei; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Wuertz, Stefan; Williams, Rohan B. H.
2023Investigating geological records of tsunamis in western Thailand with environmental DNAYap, Wenshu; Switzer, Adam D.; Gouramanis, Chris; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Wijaya, Winona; Yan, Yu Ting; Dominey-Howes, Dale; Labbate, Maurizio; Jankaew, Kruawun; Lauro, Federico M.
2020Kelp forest restoration in AustraliaLayton, Cayne; Coleman, Melinda A.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Steinberg, Peter David; Swearer, Stephen E.; Vergés, Adriana; Wernberg, Thomas; Johnson, Craig R.
2018Large-scale assessment of benthic communities across multiple marine protected areas using an autonomous underwater vehicleFerrari, Renata; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Ayroza, Camila Rezende; Jordan, Alan; Figueira, Will F.; Byrne, Maria; Malcolm, Hamish A.; Williams, Stefan B.; Steinberg, Peter David
 2022Persistence of seaweed forests in the anthropocene will depend on warming and marine heatwave profilesStraub, Sandra C.; Wernberg, Thomas; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Vergés, Adriana; Kelaher, Brendan P.; Coleman, Melinda A.
2020Playing to the positives : using synergies to enhance kelp forest restorationEger, Aaron M.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Gribben, Paul; Johnson, Craig R.; Layton, Cayne; Steinberg, Peter David; Wood, Georgina; Silliman, Brian R.; Vergés, Adriana
2020Restore or redefine : future trajectories for restorationColeman, Melinda Ann; Wood, Georgina; Filbee-Dexter, Karen; Minne, Antoine J. P.; Goold, Hugh Douglas; Vergés, Adriana; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Steinberg, Peter David; Wernberg, Thomas
2023Transcriptome mining extends the host range of the Flaviviridae to non-bilateriansMifsud, Jonathon C. O.; Costa, Vincenzo A.; Petrone, Mary E.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Holmes, Edward C.; Harvey, Erin
2023The value of ecosystem services in global marine kelp forestsEger, Aaron M.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Beas-Luna, Rodrigo; Blain, Caitlin O.; Blamey, Laura K.; Byrnes, Jarrett E. K.; Carnell, Paul E.; Choi, Chang Geun; Hessing-Lewis, Margot; Kim, Kwang Young; Kumagai, Naoki H.; Lorda, Julio; Moore, Pippa; Nakamura, Yohei; Pérez-Matus, Alejandro; Pontier, Ondine; Smale, Dan; Steinberg, Peter David; Vergés, Adriana
2022Variation in the density and body size of a threatened foundation species across multiple spatial scalesLeong, Rick C.; Bugnot, Ana B.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Figueira, Will F.; Erickson, Katherine R.; Poore, Alistair G. B.; Gribben, Paul E.