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2006Argon plasma exposure enhanced intermixing in an undoped InGaAsP/InP quantum-well structureTang, Xiaohong; Mei, Ting; Wang, Yixin; Djie, Hery Susanto; Chin, Mee Koy; Nie, Dong
2007Built-in electric field enhancement/retardation on intermixingXu, C. D.; Chin, Mee Koy; Mei, Ting; Dong, Jian Rong; Chua, Soo Jin
2020The design of CMOS-compatible plasmonic waveguides for intra-chip communicationLiu, Yan; Ding, Lu; Cao, Yu; Wan, Dongyang; Yuan, Guanghui; Huang, Baohu; Thean, Aaron Voon-Yew; Mei, Ting; Venkatesan, Thirumalai; Nijhuis, Christian A.; Chua, Soo-Jin
2007Determination of diffusion lengths for intermixed quaternary quantum well with polarized edge-emitting photoluminescenceXu, C. D.; Mei, Ting; Dong, Jian Rong
2003Development of broadband optical swtiches for DWDM networks based on photonics MEMSDowd, Philip; Mei, Ting; Lam, Yee Loy; Chan, Yuen Chuen; Zhou, Yan; Ooi, Boon Siew
2012Elimination of spurious solutions from k·p theory with Fourier transform technique and Burt-Foreman operator orderingZhao, Qiuji; Mei, Ting; Zhang, Dao Hua
 2012Fourier transform-based k·p method : an approach to meshless modeling of low-dimensional heterostructuresMei, Ting; Zhao, Qiuji; Zhang, Dao Hua
2007Fourier transform-based k∙p method of semiconductor superlattice electronic structureMei, Ting
2006Halftoning band gap of InAs/InP quantum dots using inductively coupled argon plasma-enhanced intermixingXu, C. D.; Mei, Ting; Nie, Dong; Dong, Jian Rong
2006Improving crystal quality of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots by inductively coupled Ar plasmaZhang, X. H.; Nie, Dong; Mei, Ting; Djie, Hery Susanto; Ooi, Boon Siew
2007Interpolation of quaternary III-V alloy parameters with surface bowing estimationsMei, Ting
 2013The new way of controlling aluminum-doped zinc oxide films properties : ion beam post-treatment with cooling systemNi, Zhengji; Zhang, Dawei; Sun, Haojie; Wang, Wenna; Zhang, Dao Hua; Mei, Ting
2005Plasma-induced quantum well intermixing for monolithic photonic integrationDjie, Hery Susanto; Mei, Ting
 2012The substrate cooling effect of ion beam post treatment on ZAO films propertiesWang, Wenna; Zhang, Dawei; Wang, Qi; Tao, Chuanxian; Ni, Zhengji; Zhuang, Songlin; Mei, Ting; Zhang, Dao Hua
2012Temporal coupled-mode theory of ring–bus–ring Mach–Zehnder interferometerZhang, Yanbing; Mei, Ting; Zhang, Dao Hua
2005Wavelength monitoring with low-contrast multimode interference waveguideSookdhis, Chrisada; Mei, Ting; Djie, Hery Susanto