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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Beyond COVID-19 : Global Priorities Against Future ContagionMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2014Bridging the development gap : ASEAN equitable development monitor 2014Beath, Andrew; Hirano, Yumeka; Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2020The burden of COVID-19 : urgent need for social safety netsMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Caballero-Anthony, Mely
 2021Changing the narrative of ASEAN progress in addressing hunger: 'snoozing' the alarm for SDG #2?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2021Community gardens : Singapore’s “fourth food basket”?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Teng, Paul
2022Conclusion: policy insights for preparing for future novel threatsMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Caballero-Anthony, Mely
2022COP26's dilemma: sustainability vs food security?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2020COVID-19 : health pandemic to food crisis?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2022The danger of misguided food production policies: the case of Sri LankaTeng, Paul; Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2023The dual mandate of food exporting states: India's roles in the global food orderMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2015Dynamic simulations of urban policies for sustainable food securitization : dynamics of urban development, agriculture sector growth, and price mechanismsMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2016Food Prices: A Double-edged SwordMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Caballero-Anthony, Mely
2018Food Safety in ASEAN : Pitfalls of ComplacencyCaballero-Anthony, Mely; Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Schlundt, Joergen
2022Has Southeast Asia reached a new normal in food security? Dissecting the impacts of COVID-19 as a hybrid health–economic crisisMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2017Haze Prevention: Transforming Agriculture Use?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2022India's food security resilience: some tips for ASEAN?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2022International currency instability and food security: time to rebuild "real food economies"?Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2019IoT-enabled farms and climate-adaptive agriculture technologies : investment lessons from SingaporeMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Babu, Suresh Chandra; Teng, Paul S.
2021Lockdowns in ASEAN : winning the pandemic warMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.
2019Manila’s Tariff Move on Imported Rice : Implications for the RegionMontesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.