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2022Biocompatible ionic liquids in high-performing organic electrochemical transistors for ion detection and electrophysiological monitoringLi, Ting; Koh, Cheryl Jie Yan; Moudgil, Akshay; Cao, Huan; Wu, Xihu; Chen, Shuai; Hou, Kunqi; Surendran, Abhijith; Stephen, Meera; Tang, Cindy; Wang, Chongwu; Wang, Qi Jie; Tay, Chor Yong; Leong, Wei Lin 
2023Biocompatible solid-state ion-sensitive organic electrochemical transistor for physiological multi-ions sensingMoudgil, Akshay; Hou, Kunqi; Li, Ting; Leong, Wei Lin
2023High performance, flexible, and thermally stable all-solid-state organic electrochemical transistor based on thermoplastic polyurethane ion gelHou, Kunqi; Chen, Shuai; Moudgil, Akshay; Wu, Xihu; Tam, Teck Lip Dexter; Lew, Wen Siang; Leong, Wei Lin
2022High performing solid-state organic electrochemical transistors enabled by glycolated polythiophene and ion-gel electrolyte with a wide operation temperature range from -50 to 110 °CWu, Xihu; Chen, Shuai; Moser, Maximilian; Moudgil, Akshay; Griggs, Sophie; Marks, Adam; Li, Ting; McCulloch, Iain; Leong, Wei Lin
2023Highly sensitive transistor sensor for biochemical sensing and health monitoring applications: a reviewMoudgil, Akshay; Leong, Wei Lin
2022Polaron delocalization dependence of the conductivity and the seebeck coefficient in doped conjugated polymersTam, Dexter Teck Lip; Moudgil, Akshay; Teh, Wei Jie; Wong, Marvin Zicong; Handoko, Albertus Denny; Chien, Sheau Wei; Yang, Shuo-Wang; Yeo, Boon Siang; Leong, Wei Lin; Xu, Jianwei