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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Aceh’s new cultural leader : former separatist now guardian of stateMushahid Ali
2011After the Facebook revolution : whither Egypt?Mushahid Ali
2012The Arab world in turmoil : Nasser’s legacy repriseDorsey, James M.; Mushahid Ali
2003ASEAN - India strategic engagement : Singapore-India synergyMushahid Ali; Singh, Manjeet Pardesi
2002ASEAN-US cooperation to combat international terrorism : a more nuanced approach neededMushahid Ali; Kumar Ramakrishna
2011The Bali EAS : can ASEAN form an East Asia community?Mushahid Ali
2010Beyond ASEAN Plus to East Asia community : the Hanoi ASEAN SummitsMushahid Ali
2016China’s Hegemonic Trajectory: Intimidating ASEAN?Mushahid Ali
2013Disasters in Southeast Asia’s megacities : protecting the informal sectorSofiah Jamil; Mushahid Ali
2013East Asian regional cooperation : Japan falling behind China?Mushahid Ali; Hiro, Katsumata
2004Fight against terror : psychological defence, ideological responseMuhammad Haniff Hassan; Mushahid Ali
2015Future of Islamic State: Not Merely ReligionMushahid Ali; Dorsey, James M
2002Impact of 9-11 on Malaysia and Singapore : one year afterMushahid Ali
2015Konfrontasi: why Singapore was in forefront of Indonesian attacksMushahid Ali
2010Land swap deal : new era for Singapore-Malaysia relationsMushahid Ali; Yang Razali Kassim
2013Malaysia-Singapore connectivity : increased rail, road and sea linksMushahid Ali
2004Malaysia: PM Abdullah Badawi’s Performance and ProspectsMushahid Ali; Liow, Joseph
2004Maritime security cooperation in the Malacca Straits : prospects and limitsMushahid Ali; Chen, Jeffrey
2003Maritime security cooperation the ARF wayMushahid Ali
2010A new era for Singapore-Malaysia relationsMushahid Ali; Yang Razali Kassim