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2019Altmetrics : factor analysis for assessing the popularity of research articles on TwitterPandian, Nandhini Devi Soundara; Veeramachaneni, Bhargavi; Na, Jin-Cheon; Boothaladinni, Rashmi Vishwanath
 2022Are automated accounts driving scholarly communication on Twitter? a case study of dissemination of COVID-19 publicationsYe, Estella Yingxin; Na, Jin-Cheon; Oh, Poong
2004Automatic identification of treatment relations for medical ontology learning : an exploratory studyKhoo, Christopher S. G.; Lee, Chew-Hung; Na, Jin-Cheon
2003Collaborative querying through a hybrid query clustering approachGoh, Dion Hoe-Lian; Fu, Lin; Foo, Schubert; Na, Jin-Cheon
2015Comparison of Altmetrics across Multiple Disciplines: Psychology, History, and LinguisticsHtoo, Tint Hla Hla; Na, Jin-Cheon
2017Disciplinary differences in altmetrics for social sciencesHtoo, Tint Hla Hla; Na, Jin-Cheon
2004Effectiveness of simple linguistic processing in automatic sentiment classification of product reviewsZhou, Yunyun; Khoo, Christopher S. G.; Na, Jin-Cheon; Sui, Haiyang; Chan, Syin
 2019Evolution of corporate reputation during an evolving controversyChung, Siyoung; Chong, Mark; Chua, Jie Sheng; Na, Jin-Cheon
2015Influence diffusion detection using the influence style (INFUSE) modelTan, Luke Kien-Weng; Na, Jin-Cheon; Ding, Ying
 2012Phrase-level sentiment polarity classification using rule-based typed dependencies and additional complex phrases considerationNa, Jin-Cheon; Theng, Yin-Leng; Tan, Luke Kien-Weng; Chang, Kuiyu
2006Semantic relations in information scienceNa, Jin-Cheon; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
 2012Sentiment analysis of online news text : a case study of appraisal theoryNourbakhsh, Armineh; Na, Jin-Cheon; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
 2012Sentiment lexicons for health-related opinion miningNa, Jin-Cheon; Theng, Yin-Leng; Goeuriot, Lorraine; Min Kyaing, Wai Yan; Chang, Yun-Ke; Kim, Jung-jae; Khoo, Christopher S. G.
2018To get cited or get tweeted : a study of psychological academic articlesYe, Estella Yingxin; Na, Jin-Cheon
2019Unified psycholinguistic framework : an unobtrusive psychological analysis approach towards insider threat prevention and detectionNa, Jin-Cheon; Duraisamy, Santhiya; Tan, Sang-Sang
2017Who are Tweeting Research Articles and Why?Htoo, Tint Hla Hla; Na, Jin-Cheon