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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An algebraic MIDO-MISO code constructionOggier, Frederique; Hollanti, Camilla; Roope, Vehkalahti
2011Byzantine fault tolerance of regenerating codesOggier, Frederique; Datta, Anwitaman
2012A class of iterated fast decodable space-time codes for 2n Tx antennasMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique
 2013A classification of unimodular lattice wiretap codes in small dimensionsOggier, Frederique; Lin, Fuchun
2009Codes over M2(F2) and applications to golden space-time coded modulationOggier, Frederique; Sole, Patrick; Belfiore, Jean-Claude
2011Codes over matrix rings for space-time coded modulationsOggier, Frederique; Sole, Patrick; Belfiore, Jean-Claude
2022Concurrency control and consistency over erasure coded dataDatta, Anwitaman; Oggier, Frederique
2013Data insertion and archiving in erasure-coding based large-scale storage systemsPamies-Juarez, Lluis; Oggier, Frederique; Datta, Anwitaman
2009Differential distributed Cayley space-time codesOggier, Frederique; Lequeu, Emmanuel
2020An ego network analysis of sextortionistsOggier, Frederique; Datta, Anwitaman; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay
2013Enabling multiplication in lattice codes via Construction AOggier, Frederique; Belfiore, Jean-Claude
2011A family of fast-decodable MIDO codes from crossed-product algebras over QOggier, Frederique; Luzzi, Laura
2012Fast decodable codes for 6Tx-3Rx MIMO systemsMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique
2010Fast decodable MIDO codes from crossed product algebrasOggier, Frederique; Roope, Vehkalahti; Hollanti, Camilla
 2011Fast-decodable asymmetric space-time codes from division algebrasVehkalahti, Roope; Hollanti, Camilla; Oggier, Frederique
2012Finite nilpotent and metacyclic groups never violate the Ingleton inequalityStancu, Radu; Oggier, Frederique
2012Gaussian wiretap lattice codes from binary self-dual codesLin, Fuchun; Oggier, Frederique
2013Groups and information inequalities in 5 variablesMarkin, Nadya; Thomas, Eldho; Oggier, Frederique
2009Higher dimensional perfect space-time coded modulationOggier, Frederique; Sole, Patrick
2012Iterated fast decodable space-time codes from crossed-productsMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frederique