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2021Adaptation strategies and collective dynamics of extraction in networked commons of bistable resourcesSchauf, Andrew; Oh, Poong
 2022Are automated accounts driving scholarly communication on Twitter? a case study of dissemination of COVID-19 publicationsYe, Estella Yingxin; Na, Jin-Cheon; Oh, Poong
2022Effects of uniform-allocation constraints in networked common-pool resource extraction gamesSchauf, Andrew; Oh, Poong
 2021An evolutionary model of the emergence of meaningsOh, Poong; Kim, Soojong
2021‘Into the wolves’ den: an investigation of predictors of sexism in online games’Seo, Young-nam; Oh, Poong; Kil, Woo Yeong
2021Myopic reallocation of extraction improves collective outcomes in networked common-pool resource gamesSchauf, Andrew; Oh, Poong
 2023Operational risk identification of maritime surface autonomous ship: A network analysis approachLi, Xue; Oh, Poong; Zhou, Yusheng; Yuen, Kum Fai
2021The role of online media in mobilizing large-scale collective actionChen, Zhuo; Oh, Poong; Chen, Anfan
2018Second-order judgment problems : the impacts of perceived social distance on judgment makingPark, Mina; Oh, Poong
2023Simulating the dynamics of dispersal and dispersal ability in fragmented populations with mate-finding Allee effectsSchauf, Andrew J.; Jones, Matthew F.; Oh, Poong
2017The value of questions in organizing : reconceptualizing contributions to online public information goodsBighash, Leila; Oh, Poong; Fulk, Janet; Monge, Peter