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2023Beyond the TPP+ "gold standard": a new generation mitochondrial delivery vector based on extended PN frameworksOng, How Chee; Coimbra, João T. S.; Ramos, Maria J.; Xing, Bengang; Fernandes, Pedro A.; García, Felipe
 2021Multigram mechanochemical synthesis of a salophen complex: a comparative analysisSingh, Varun Kumar; Chamberlain-Clay, Alex; Ong, How Chee; León, Felix; Hum, Gavin; Par, Mian Yang; Daley-Dee, Patrick; Garciá, Felipe
 2020N‐bridged acyclic trimeric poly‐cyclodiphosphazanes: highly tuneable cyclodiphosphazane building blocksShi, Xiaoyan; León, Felix; Sim, Ying; Quek, Shina; Hum, Gavin; Khoo, Joycelyn Yi Xin; Ng, Zi Xuan; Par, Mian Yang; Ong, How Chee; Singh, Varun Kumar; Ganguly, Rakesh; Clegg, Jack K.; Díaz, Jesús; García, Felipe
2022Pre-arranged building block approach for the orthogonal synthesis of an unfolded tetrameric organic–inorganic phosphazane macrocycleSim, Ying; Leon, Felix; Hum, Gavin; Phang, Isabel Si Jia; Ong, How Chee; Ganguly, Rakesh; Díaz, Jesús; Clegg, Jack K.; García, Felipe
 2021Rhenium carbonyl complexes bearing methylated triphenylphosphonium cations as antibody-free mitochondria trackers for X-ray fluorescence imagingSchanne, Gabrielle; Henry, Lucas; Ong, How Chee; Somogyi, Andrea; Medjoubi, Kadda; Delsuc, Nicolas; Policar, Clotilde; García, Felipe; Bertrand, Helene C.
2021Size-control in the synthesis of oxo-bridged phosphazane macrocycles via a modular addition approachShi, Xiaoyan; León, Felix; Ong, How Chee; Ganguly, Rakesh; Díaz, Jesús; García, Felipe