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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Alternative narratives : the danger of romanticising the otherOng, Wei Chong
2010Alternative narratives : why i wrote itOng, Wei Chong
2020Between safe havens in cross-border insurgency: Malaysia, Thailand and the Second Emergency (1952–89)Ong, Wei Chong
2008Caucasus: winning the shooting war, losing the media battleOng, Wei Chong
2012Fall of Singapore 70 years on : continuity and change in security environmentOng, Wei Chong
2022'First TikTok war': Ukraine's lessons for SingaporeOng, Wei Chong
2021History in digital age : why military professionals need itOng, Wei Chong
2011Humanitarian intervention from above : ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya?Ong, Wei Chong
2008In defence of Singapore's military historyOng, Wei Chong
2009Israel's propaganda war in Gaza : losing the moral high groundOng, Wei Chong
2009More than warfighters : role of 'strategic corporals' in the SAFOng, Wei Chong
2022National service at 55: anchoring Singapore's core principlesOng, Wei Chong
2011The need for engagement in Singapore's defence policiesOng, Wei Chong
 2018The rise of hybrid actors in the Asia-PacificOng, Wei Chong
2010Singapore's citizen army : bridging the civil-military praxisOng, Wei Chong
2011Singapore's total defence : shaping the pillarsOng, Wei Chong
2010Singapore’s defence spending : a long-term approachOng, Wei Chong
2010Singapore’s new ground for overseas military training : the case for Timor-LesteOng, Wei Chong; Loro Horta
2010Sinking of the Cheonan : rethinking littoral warfareOng, Wei Chong
2006‘Voice of the Malayan Revolution’: The Communist Party of Malaya’s Struggle for Hearts and Minds in the ‘Second Malayan Emergency’ (1969-1975)Ong, Wei Chong