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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017Analysis of the novel cross vane expander-compressor : mathematical modelling and experimental studyYap, Ken Shaun; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Chakraborty, Anutosh
 2012Analysis of the revolving vane (RV-0) expander, part 1 : experimental investigationsSubiantoro, Alison; Ooi, Kim Tiow
 2012Analysis of the revolving vane (RV-0) expander, part 2 : verifications of theoretical modelsSubiantoro, Alison; Ooi, Kim Tiow
 2013Analytical models for the computation and optimization of single and double glazing flat plate solar collectors with normal and small air gap spacingSubiantoro, Alison; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2015Design Evolution: From Rolling Piston to Revolving Vane to Cross-Vane Expander-compressor unitOoi, Kim Tiow; Yap, K. S.
1998Development of energy efficient industrial dryersNathan, Kamal G.; Wong, Teck Neng; Ahmadul Ameen; Ooi, Kim Tiow
1994Development of energy efficient industrial dryers for automationNathan, Kamal G.; Ahmadul Ameen; Wong, Teck Neng; Soon, Aik Kwang; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2016Exergy Analysis of the Revolving Vane Compressed Air EngineSubiantoro, Alison; Wong, Kin Keong; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2017Experimental Investigation on Effect of Fin Height on Microscale Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow for Macro Scale Industrial ApplicationsCheng, Kai Xian; Goh, Aik Ling; Hadi, Mulyadi; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2016Experimental investigation on the effects of bifurcation angle on enhanced microscale heat transfer in macro geometryFoo, Zi Hao; Cheng, Kai Xian; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2005Fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in microchannelsAng, Gabriel Pau Hwee; Toh, Kok Chuan; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Wong, Teck Neng
2020Heat transfer enhancement through periodic flow area variations in microchannelsCheng, Kai Xian; Foo, Zi Hao; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2005Interface control of pressure-driven two-fluid flow in microchannels using electroosmosisWang, Cheng; Gao, Yandong; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Wong, Teck Neng; Yang, Chun; Ooi, Kim Tiow
2006Investigation of active interface control of pressure driven two-fluid flow in microchannelsWang, Cheng; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Wong, Teck Neng; Wu, Zhigang; Yang, Chun; Ooi, Kim Tiow
1999Investigation of wake structure behind an axially rotating flow fieldChan, Weng Kong; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Huang, Xiaoyang; Ng, Yin Kwee; Liu, Chang Yu
 2021Leakage study of a lubricant-free revolving vane compressorAw, Kuan Thai; Ooi, Kim Tiow
 2018Magnetic nanorobots, generating vortexes inside nanoliter droplets for effective mixingChong, Wen Han; Huang, Yi; Wong, Teck Neng; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Zhu, Gui-Ping
 2012Microscale heat transfer in macro geometriesKong, Kian Shing; Ooi, Kim Tiow
 2013A numerical and experimental investigation on microscale heat transfer effect in the combined entry region in macro geometriesKong, Kian Shing; Ooi, Kim Tiow
1997Numerical and experimental study of a ducted axial fanChan, Weng Kong; Liu, Chang Yu; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Huang, Xiao Yang; Ng, Yin Kwee