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 2021An adaptive decision making method with copula Bayesian network for location selectionPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Koh, Jiale; Deng, Yong
 2021Automated process discovery from event logs in BIM construction projectsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2020BIM log mining: exploring design productivity characteristicsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2020BIM log mining: learning and predicting design commandsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2021A BIM-data mining integrated digital twin framework for advanced project managementPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2020Clustering of designers based on building information modeling event logsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
 2020Cross-scale generative adversarial network for crowd density estimation from imagesZhang, Gaowei; Pan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2020Data-driven estimation of building energy consumption with multi-source heterogeneous dataPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2022Deep learning for detecting building façade elements from images considering prior knowledgeZhang, Gaowei; Pan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2021Discovering optimal strategies for mitigating COVID-19 spread using machine learning: experience from AsiaPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Yan, Zhenzhen; Lwin, May Oo; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
 2022Discovering spatial-temporal patterns via complex networks in investigating COVID-19 pandemic in the United StatesPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Unwin, Juliette; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
 2022Dual attention deep learning network for automatic steel surface defect segmentationPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2021Hybrid deep learning of social media big data for predicting the evolution of COVID-19 transmissionChew, Alvin Wei Ze; Pan, Yue; Wang, Ying; Zhang, Limao
 2019Improved fuzzy Bayesian network-based risk analysis with interval-valued fuzzy sets and D-S evidence theoryPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Li, ZhiWu; Ding, Lieyun
 2020Mining event logs for knowledge discovery based on adaptive efficient fuzzy Kohonen clustering networkPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Li, Zhiwu
 2019Modeling face reliability in tunneling : a copula approachPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Wu, Xianguo; Qin, Wenwei; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
 2020Multi-classifier information fusion in risk analysisPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Wu, Xianguo; Skibniewski, Miroslaw J.
2021A prediction model for high risk of positive RT-PCR test results in COVID-19 patients discharged from Wuhan Leishenshan hospital, ChinaQian, Yawei; Zeng, Guang; Pan, Yue; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Limao; Li, Kun
 2021Roles of artificial intelligence in construction engineering and management: a critical review and future trendsPan, Yue; Zhang, Limao
 2020A spatial-channel hierarchical deep learning network for pixel-level automated crack detectionPan, Yue; Zhang, Gaowei; Zhang, Limao