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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Angle-resolved broadband ferromagnetic resonance apparatus enabled through a spring-loaded sample mounting manipulatorHe, Shikun; Qin, Qing; Zhou, Tiejun; Panagopoulos, Christos
 2013Bi-quadratic magnetoelectric coupling in underdoped La2CuO4+xPanagopoulos, Christos; Mukherjee, S.; Andersen, B. M.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Radulov, I.
2016A broadband ferromagnetic resonance dipper probe for magnetic damping measurements from 4.2 K to 300 KHe, Shikun; Panagopoulos, Christos
2014Colloquium : emergent properties in plane view : strong correlations at oxide interfacesChakhalian, J.; Freeland, John W.; Millis, Andrew J.; Panagopoulos, Christos; Rondinelli, James M.
2016Current induced domain wall motion in antiferromagnetically coupled (Co70Fe30/Pd) multilayer nanowiresMeng, Zhaoliang; He, Shikun; Huang, Lisen; Qiu, Jinjun; Zhou, Tiejun; Panagopoulos, Christos; Han, Guchang; Teo, Kie-Leong
2018Degeneracy of the 1/8 plateau and antiferromagnetic phases in the Shastry-Sutherland magnet TmB4Trinh, Jennifer; Mitra, Sreemanta; Panagopoulos, Christos; Kong, Tai; Canfield, Paul C.; Ramirez, Arthur P.
2018Dimensional crossover in the quasi-one-dimensional superconductor TI2Mo6Se6Mitra, S.; Petrović, Alexander Paul; Salloum, D.; Gougeon, P.; Potel, M.; Zhu, Jian-Xin; Panagopoulos, Christos; Chia, Elbert Ee Min
2016A disorder-enhanced quasi-one-dimensional superconductorPetrović, Alexander Paul; Ansermet, Diane; Chernyshov, D.; Hoesch, M.; Salloum, D.; Gougeon, P.; Potel, M.; Boeri, L.; Panagopoulos, Christos
2012Effect of annealing on the temperature-dependent dielectric properties of LaAlO3 at terahertz frequenciesZou, Xingquan; He, Mi; Springer, Daniel; Lee, Dongwook; Cheong, Siew Ann; Wu, Tom; Panagopoulos, Christos; Nair, Saritha K.; Talbayev, D.; Chia, Elbert E. M.
2013Electric field modulation of the tetragonal domain orientation revealed in the magnetic ground state of quantum paraelectric EuTiO3Kato, Y.; Sunku, S. S.; Ito, T.; Spalek, L.; Shimuta, M.; Katsufuji, T.; Saxena, S. S.; Batista, Cristian D.; Petrovic, A. P.; Sengupta, Pinaki; Panagopoulos, Christos
2016Emergent phenomena induced by spin–orbit coupling at surfaces and interfacesSoumyanarayanan, Anjan; Reyren, Nicolas; Fert, Albert; Panagopoulos, Christos
2013Enhanced and continuous electrostatic carrier doping on the SrTiO3 surfacePanagopoulos, Christos; Eyvazov, A. B.; Inoue, I. H.; Stoliar, P.; Rozenberg, M. J.
2012Evidence for filamentary superconductivity nucleated at antiphase domain walls in antiferromagnetic CaFe2As2Hu, Tao; Tee, Xianyang; Panagopoulos, Christos; Xiao, H.; Dioguardi, A. P.; apRoberts-Warren, N.; Shockley, A. C.; Crocker, J.; Nisson, D. M.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Radulov, I.; Almasan, C. C.; Curro, N. J.
2019The evolution of skyrmions in Ir/Fe/Co/Pt multilayers and their topological Hall signatureRaju, Masapogu; Panagopoulos, Christos; Yagil, A.; Soumyanarayanan, Anjan; Tan, Anthony K. C.; Almoalem, A.; Ma, Fusheng; Auslaender, O. M.
 2012Factors affecting the shape of MBE-grown laterally aligned Fe nanowiresLok, Shu K.; Tian, Jia C.; Wang, Yuxing; Lai, Ying H.; Lortz, Rolf; Petrovic, Alexander; Panagopoulos, Christos; Wong, George K. L.; Wang, Gan; Sou, Iam K.
2012Filamentary superconductivity across the phase diagram of Ba(Fe,Co)2As2Hu, Tao; Panagopoulos, Christos; Xiao, H.; He, S. K.; Shen, B.; Zhang, W. J.; Xu, B.; He, K. F.; Han, J.; Singh, Y. P.; Wen, H. H.; Qiu, X. G.; Almasan, C. C.
2019Geometrically tailored skyrmions at zero magnetic field in multilayered nanostructuresHo, Pin; Goolaup, S.; Soumyanarayanan, Anjan; Panagopoulos, Christos; Tan, Anthony K. C.; Huang, L. S.; Gonzalez Oyarce, A. L.; Raju, Masapogu
 2012History dependent magnetoresistance in lightly doped La2−xSrxCuO4 thin filmsShi, Xiaoyan; Popović, Dragana; Panagopoulos, Christos; Logvenov, G.; Bollinger, A. T.; Božović, I.
2012Holographic quantum criticality and strange metal transportKim, Bom Soo; Kiritsis, Elias; Panagopoulos, Christos
2016Hysteretic magnetoresistance and unconventional anomalous Hall effect in the frustrated magnet TmB4Sunku, Sai Swaroop; Kong, Tai; Ito, Toshimitsu; Canfield, Paul C.; Shastry, B. Sriram; Sengupta, Pinaki; Panagopoulos, Christos