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 2021Biophysical measurement strategies for antiviral drug development: recent progress in virus-mimetic platforms down to the single particle levelPark, Soohyun; Tae, Hyunhyuk; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2018Characterizing how acidic pH conditions affect the membrane-disruptive activities of lauric acid and glycerol monolaurateValle-González, Elba Ruth; Jackman, Joshua Alexander; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Park, Soohyun; Sut, Tun Naw; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2019Characterizing the membrane-disruptive behavior of dodecylglycerol using supported lipid bilayersYoon, Bo Kyeong; Jackman, Joshua A.; Park, Soohyun; Mokrzecka, Natalia; Cho, Nam-Joon
2018The face of risk : CEO facial masculinity and firm riskKamiya, Shinichi; Kim, Andy Y. Han; Park, Soohyun
 2023Lipid membrane interface viewpoint: from viral entry to antiviral and vaccine developmentPark, Soohyun; Cho, Nam-Joon
2023Lipid membrane remodeling by the micellar aggregation of long-chain unsaturated fatty acids for sustainable antimicrobial strategiesShin, Sungmin; Tae, Hyunhyuk; Park, Soohyun; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2022Lipid nanoparticle technologies for nucleic acid delivery: a nanoarchitectonics perspectiveFerhan, Abdul Rahim; Park, Soohyun; Park, Hyeonjin; Tae, Hyunhyuk; Jackman, Joshua A.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2021Mechanistic aspects of the evolution of 3D cholesterol crystallites in a supported lipid membrane via a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoringMa, Gamaliel Junren; Zhdanov, Vladimir P.; Park, Soohyun; Sut, Tun Naw; Cho, Nam-Joon
2018Membrane adaptation limitations in Enterococcus faecalis underlie sensitivity and the inability to develop significant resistance to conjugated oligoelectrolytesChilambi, Gayatri Shankar; Gao, Iris H.; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Park, Soohyun; Kawakami, Lisa M.; Ravikumar, Vikashini; Chan-Park, Mary Beeeng; Cho, Nam-Joon; Bazan, Guillermo C.; Kline, Kimberly A.; Rice, Scott Alan; Hinks, Jamie
 2018Membrane reconstitution of monoamine oxidase enzymes on supported lipid bilayersWang, Liulin; Kabir H. Biswas; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Kawakami, Lisa M.; Park, Soohyun; Groves, Jay T.; Li, Lin; Huang, Wei; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2019Micropatterned viral membrane clusters for antiviral drug evaluationPark, Soohyun; Jackman, Joshua A.; Xu, Xiaobin; Weiss, Paul S.; Cho, Nam-Joon
2022Nanoarchitectured air-stable supported lipid bilayer incorporating sucrose-bicelle complex systemTae, Hyunhyuk; Park, Soohyun; Ma, Gamaliel Junren; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2018Nanoplasmonic sensing architectures for decoding membrane curvature-dependent biomacromolecular interactionsAbdul Rahim Ferhan; Jackman, Joshua A.; Malekian, Bita; Xiong, Kunli; Emilsson, Gustav; Park, Soohyun; Dahlin, Andreas B.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2020Probing the influence of tether density on tethered bilayer lipid membrane (tBLM)-peptide interactionsPark, Soohyun; Yorulmaz, Saziye Avsar; Cornell, B.; Ferhan, Abdul Rahim; Jeon, W. Y.; Chung, M.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2022Selective recognition of phosphatidylinositol phosphate receptors by C‑terminal tail of mitotic kinesin-like protein 2 (MKlp2)Tae, Hyunhyuk; Park, Soohyun; Kim, Seong-Oh; Yorulmaz, Saziye; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2018Spatially controlled molecular encapsulation in natural pine pollen microcapsulesPrabhakar, Arun Kumar; Potroz, Michael G.; Park, Soohyun; Miyako, Eijiro; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2020Supported lipid bilayer platform for characterizing the optimization of mixed monoglyceride nano-micellesYoon, Bo Kyeong; Park, Soohyun; Jackman, Joshua A.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2018Therapeutic treatment of Zika virus infection using a brain-penetrating antiviral peptideJackman, Joshua A.; Costa, Vivian V.; Park, Soohyun; Real, Ana Luiza Campos Vila; Park, Jae Hyeon; Cardozo, Pablo L.; Abdul Rahim Ferhan; Olmo, Isabella G.; Moreira, Thaiane P.; Bambirra, Jordana L.; Queiroz, Victoria F.; Queiroz-Junior, Celso M.; Foureaux, Giselle; Souza, Danielle G.; Ribeiro, Fabiola M.; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Wynendaele, Evelien; Spiegeleer, Bart De; Teixeira, Mauro M.; Cho, Nam-Joon
2020Versatile formation of supported lipid bilayers from bicellar mixtures of phospholipids and capric acidSut, Tun Naw; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Park, Soohyun; Jackman, Joshua A.; Cho, Nam-Joon