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 2023Atomically dispersed zincophilic sites in N,P-codoped carbon macroporous fibers enable efficient Zn metal anodesZeng, Yinxiang; Pei, Zhihao; Luan, Deyan; Lou, Xiong Wen David
2022Highly efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution over atomically dispersed synergistic Ni/Co dual sitesPei, Zhihao; Lu, Xue Feng; Zhang, Huabin; Li, Yunxiang; Luan, Deyan; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2022Nitrogen-doped carbon fibers embedded with zincophilic Cu nanoboxes for stable Zn-metal anodesZeng, Yinxiang; Sun, Peng Xiao; Pei, Zhihao; Jin, Qi; Zhang, Xitian; Yu, Le; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2021Rationally designed Mn₂O₃ -ZnMn₂ O₄ hollow heterostructures from metal-organic frameworks for stable Zn-ion storageZeng, Yinxiang; Wang, Yan; Jin, Qi; Pei, Zhihao; Luan, Deyan; Zhang, Xitian; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2022Rationally designed nitrogen-doped carbon macroporous fibers with uneven loading of single cobalt sites for efficient aqueous Zn-CO₂ batteriesZhao, Yafei; Pei, Zhihao; Lu, Xue Feng; Luan, Deyan; Wang, Xin; Lou, David Xiong Wen
2023Superhydrophobic and conductive wire membrane for enhanced CO₂ electroreduction to multicarbon productsLi, Yunxiang; Pei, Zhihao; Luan, Deyan; Lou, Xiong Wen David
2023Supporting trimetallic metal-organic frameworks on S/N-doped carbon macroporous fibers for highly efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolutionZhao, Yafei; Lu, Xue Feng; Wu, Zhi-Peng; Pei, Zhihao; Luan, Deyan; Lou, Xiong Wen David