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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022ACDC: online unsupervised cross-domain adaptationde Carvalho, Marcus; Pratama, Mahardhika; Zhang, Jie; Yee, Edward Yapp Kien
 2022Automatic online multi-source domain adaptationXie, Renchunzi; Pratama, Mahardhika
 2022Autonomous CNN (AutoCNN): a data-driven approach to network architecture determinationAradhya, Abhay M S; Ashfahani, Andri; Angelina, Fienny; Pratama, Mahardhika; de Mello, Rodrigo Fernandes; Sundaram, Suresh
 2019Autonomous supervision and optimization of product quality in a multi-stage manufacturing process based on self-adaptive prediction modelsLughofer, Edwin; Zavoianu, Alexandru-Ciprian; Pollak, Robert; Pratama, Mahardhika; Meyer-Heye, Pauline; Zörrer, Helmut; Eitzinger, Christian; Radauer, Thomas
2019Breakup of directed multipartite networksCai, Qing; Pratama, Mahardhika; Alam, Sameer; Ma, Chunyao; Liu, Jiming
 2019Composite learning adaptive backstepping control using neural networks with compact supportsPan, Yongping; Yang, Chenguang; Pratama, Mahardhika; Yu, Haoyong
 2021Continual learning via inter-task synaptic mappingMao, Fubing; Weng, Weiwei; Pratama, Mahardhika; Yee, Edward Yapp Kien
 2019Deep stacked stochastic configuration networks for lifelong learning of non-stationary data streamsPratama, Mahardhika; Wang, Dianhui
2019Deep transformation method for discriminant analysis of multi-channel resting state fMRIAradhya, Abhay M S; Joglekar, Aditya; Suresh, Sundaram; Pratama, Mahardhika
 2020DEVDAN: Deep evolving denoising autoencoderAshfahani, Andri; Pratama, Mahardhika; Lughofer, Edwin; Ong, Yew Soon
2018Development of C-Means clustering based adaptive fuzzy controller for a flapping wing micro air vehicleMd Meftahul Ferdaus; Anavatti, Sreenatha G.; Garratt, Matthew A.; Pratama, Mahardhika
2018Evolving ensemble fuzzy classifierPratama, Mahardhika; Pedrycz, Witold; Lughofer, Edwin
 2019Evolving large-scale data stream analytics based on scalable PANFISZa'in, Choiru; Pratama, Mahardhika; Pardede, Eric
2019Financial time series forecasting using twin support vector regressionGupta, Deepak; Pratama, Mahardhika; Ma, Zhenyuan; Li, Jun; Prasad, Mukesh
 2019An incremental construction of deep neuro fuzzy system for continual learning of nonstationary data streamsPratama, Mahardhika; Pedrycz, Witold; Webb, Geoffrey I.
 2017Incremental rule splitting in generalized evolving fuzzy systems for autonomous drift compensationLughofer, Edwin; Pratama, Mahardhika; Skrjanc, Igor
2019Interdependency and vulnerability of multipartite networks under target node attacksCai, Qing; Pratama, Mahardhika; Alam, Sameer
 2019Interval prediction of wave energy characteristics using meta-cognitive interval type-2 fuzzy inference systemAnh, Nguyen; Suresh, Sundaram; Pratama, Mahardhika; Srikanth, Narasimalu
 2020Learning elastic memory online for fast time series forecastingSamanta, Subhrajit; Pratama, Mahardhika; Sundaram, Suresh; Srikanth, Narasimalu
 2019Online identification of a rotary wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from data streamsFerdaus, Md Meftahul; Pratama, Mahardhika; Anavatti, Sreenatha G.; Garratt, Matthew A.