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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022AC magnetorheology of polymer magnetic compositesChaudhary, Richa; Chaudhary, Varun; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Steele, Terry W. J.
2022Accelerated property evaluation of Ni-Co materials libraries produced by multiple processing techniquesTan, Li Ping; Padhy, Shakti P.; Tsakadze, Zviad; Chaudhary, Varun; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2021Accelerated study of magnetic Fe-Co-Ni alloys through compositionally graded spark plasma sintered samplesChaudhary, Varun; Tan, Li Ping; Sharma, Vinay; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2013Active transient cooling by magnetocaloric materialsLaw, J. Y.; Franco, V.; Keblinski, P.; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2014Comparison of the crystallization behavior of Fe-Si-B-Cu and Fe-Si-B-Cu-Nb-based amorphous soft magnetic alloysSmith, Casey; Katakam, Shravana; Nag, Soumya; Zhang, Y. R.; Law, J. Y.; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Dahotre, Narendra B.; Banerjee, Rajarshi
 2016Control of Ferrofluid Droplets in Microchannels by Uniform Magnetic FieldsVarma, Vijaykumar B.; Ray, Ayan; Wang, Zhaomeng; Wang, Zhiping; Wu, Ruige; Jayaneel, P. J.; Sudharsan, Natteri Mangadu; Ramanujan, Raju V.
2023Discovery of new Fe2Ni2CrAlx multi-principal element alloys with promising mechanical propertiesQiao, Ling; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Zhu, Jingchuan
 2022Effect of aluminum on the friction and wear behavior of AlₓCrFeNi medium-entropy alloysQiao, Ling; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Zhu, Jingchuan
2006The effect of aspect ratio scaling on hydrostatic stress in passivated interconnectsAng, Derrick; Wong, Chee C.; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2004Effect of linewidth scaling on hydrostatic stress in passivated interconnectsAng, Derrick; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2012Exchange bias effect in partially oxidized amorphous Fe-Ni-B based metallic glass nanostructuresThomas, S.; Pookat, G.; Nair, S. S.; Daniel, M.; Dymerska, B.; Liebig, A.; Al-Harthi, S. H.; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Anantharaman, M. R.; Fidler, J.; Albrecht, Manfred
2018Heating efficiency dependency on size and morphology of magnetite nanoparticlesParekh, Kinnari; Parmar, Harshida; Sharma, Vinay; Ramanujan, Raju V.
2023High-performance thermomagnetic generator controlled by a magnetocaloric switchLiu, Xianliang; Chen, Haodong; Huang, Jianyi; Qiao, Kaiming; Yu, Ziyuan; Xie, Longlong; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Hu, Fengxia; Chu, Ke; Long, Yi; Zhang, Hu
2022Highly complex magnetic behavior resulting from hierarchical phase separation in AlCo(Cr)FeNi high-entropy alloysLan, Qianqian; Kovács, András; Caron, Jan; Du, Hongchu; Song, Dongsheng; Dasari, Sriswaroop; Gwalani, Bharat; Chaudhary, Varun; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Banerjee, Rajarshi; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.
2006Hydrostatic stress and hydrostatic stress gradients in passivated copper interconnectsAng, Derrick; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2018Improved corrosion resistance of Co,Al-alloyed NdFeB magnetic nanostructures processed by microwave synthesis techniquesParmar, Harshida; Xiao, Tan; Yaoying, Z.; Chaudhary, Varun; Peng, Dongdong; Huang, Yizhong; Ramanujan, Raju V.
2011In vitro studies of magnetically enhanced transfection in COS-7 cellsAng, Derrick; Tay, Chor Yong; Tan, L. P.; Ramanujan, Raju V.; Preiser, Peter Rainer
2018Influence of Cr substitution and temperature on hierarchical phase decomposition in the AlCoFeNi high entropy alloyRamanujan, Raju V.; Banerjee, R.; Chaudhary, Varun; Gwalani, B.; Soni, V.
2010Insights into the mechanism of magnetic particle assisted gene deliveryAng, Derrick; Nguyen, Q. V.; Kayal, S.; Preiser, Peter Rainer; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2016Instability-Induced Mixing of Ferrofluids in Uniform Magnetic FieldsWang, Xinghua; Wang, Zhaomeng; Varma, Vijaykumar B.; Wang, Zhiping; Ray, Ayan; Lew, Wen S.; Ramanujan, Raju V.