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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20174G SAF: Creating New AdvantagesRaska, Michael
2012Ascertaining China’s strategy for the Korean peninsula : implications for the U.S.-ROK AllianceRaska, Michael
2013Australia's evolving 'smart power' strategyRaska, Michael
2014Building a cyber iron dome : Israel’s cyber defensive envelopeRaska, Michael
2014China's aviation industry on the horizon?Raska, Michael
2016China's Quantum Satellite Experiments: Strategic and Military ImplicationsRaska, Michael
2013China’s [Secret] Civil-Military MegaprojectsRaska, Michael
2018Cross-Domain Coercion: Contours of East Asia's Future ConflictsRaska, Michael
2016Cyber conflicts and Singapore's 'Total Defence' strategyRaska, Michael
2015Decoding China's cyber warfare strategiesRaska, Michael
2014East Asia's changing security dynamics : the role of airpowerRaska, Michael
2022The future of digital warfareRaska, Michael
2015Hybrid Warfare with Chinese CharacteristicsRaska, Michael
2012Iran's nuclear conundrum: Israel's strategic optionsRaska, Michael
2022Mapping North Korean cyber strategiesRaska, Michael
2023The myth of a technology shield: Israel's strategic surprise and lessons for SingaporeRaska, Michael
2017North Korea Threat and Asian Markets: A Paradox?Kumada, Mikio; Raska, Michael
2015Russia’s concept of hybrid wars : implications for small statesRaska, Michael; Bitzinger, Richard A.
2019The SAF After Next IncarnationRaska, Michael
2019Singapore Defence Technology Summit – Is the Innovation Winter Coming?Lockman, Zoe Stanley; Raska, Michael