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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021The adoption of a planning tool software platform for optimized polygeneration design and operation – a district cooling application in South-East AsiaMazzoni, Stefano; Nastasi, Benedetto; Ooi, Sean; Desideri, Umberto; Comodi, Gabriele; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2015Aeroacoustics characterization methodology applicable to turbocharger compressorRomagnoli, Alessandro; Rajoo, Srithar; Noor, Alias Mohd; Paramasivam, Kishokanna; Mohamed, Danial
 2018Analysis and comparison of dynamic behavior of heat exchangers for direct evaporation in ORC waste heat recovery applications from fluctuating sourcesJiménez-Arreola, Manuel; Pili, Roberto; Wieland, Christoph; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2016Application of cold thermal energy storage (CTES) for building demand management in hot climatesComodi, Gabriele; Carducci, Francesco; Nagarajan, Balamurugan; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2020Application of granular materials for void space reduction within packed bed thermal energy storage system filled with macro-encapsulated phase change materialsKhor, Jun Onn; Yang, Lizhong; Akhmetov, Bakytzhan; Leal, Alfredo Bano; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2017Application of high temperature phase change materials for improved efficiency in waste-to-energy plantsDal Magro, Fabio; Xu, Haoxin; Nardin, Gioacchino; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2019Assessment of LNG cold energy utilization for road vehicles and data-centres cooling using liquid airAyachi, Fadhel; Lizhong, Yang; Magro, Fabio Dal; Meneghetti, Antonella; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2017Attempt to correlate simulations and measurements of turbine performance under pulsating flows for automotive turbochargersAvola, Calogero; Copeland, Colin; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Burke, Richard; Dimitriou, Pavlos
 2022Bayesian optimization for effective thermal conductivity measurement of thermal energy storage: an experimental and numerical approachYang, Lizhong; Gil, Antoni; Leong, Pammy S. H.; Khor, Jun Onn; Akhmetov, Bakytzhan; Tan, Wooi Leong; Rajoo, Srithar; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2018A boil-off gas utilization for improved performance of heavy duty gas turbines in combined cycleMazzoni, Stefano; Rajoo, Srithar; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2019Cascaded phase change materials in a packed bed thermal energy storage system: effect and solutions of filling void ratio with sensible heat materialsKhor, Jun Onn; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2022Cement soil stabilization for underground liquid natural gas storageYu, Hua; Yi, Yaolin; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Tan, Wooi Leong
 2018Characterization of the droplet formation phase for the H2O-LiBr absorber : an analytical and experimental analysisCola, Fabrizio; Hey, Jonathan; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2019Charging performance evaluation of finned conical thermal storage system encapsulated with nano-enhanced phase change materialSingh, Rupinder Pal; Xu, Haoxin; Kaushik, Shubhash Chandra; Rakshit, Dibakar; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2020Comparison of optimization frameworks for the design of a multi-energy microgridRigo-Mariani, Rémy; Ooi, Sean Chea Wae; Mazzoni, Stefano; Romagnoli, Alessandro
 2019Comparison of sintering condition and radio frequency plasma discharge on the conversion of coal/biomass fly ash into high-temperature thermal energy storage materialLin, Yvonne Wenlin; Li, Tao; Akasyah, Luqman; Lim, Mark Jian Wei; Xu, Haoxin; Py, Xavier; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2018Compatibility study between aluminium alloys and alternative recycled ceramics for Thermal Energy Storage applicationsXu, Haoxin; Sadiki, Najim; Mancaux, Jean-Marie; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Dal Magro, Fabio; Py, Xavier
2021A comprehensive review on sub-zero temperature cold thermal energy storage materials, technologies, and applications: State of the art and recent developmentsYang, Lizhong; Villalobos, Uver; Akhmetov, Bakyzhan; Gil, Antoni; Khor, Jun Onn; Palacios, Anabel; Li, Yongliang; Ding, Yulong; Cabeza, Luisa F.; Tan, Wooi Leong; Romagnoli, Alessandro
2022Compressed air energy storage - an overview of research trends and gaps through a bibliometric analysisBorri, Emiliano; Tafone, Alessio; Comodi, Gabriele; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Cabeza, Luisa F.
 2022Computational acceleration of topology optimization using parallel computing and machine learning methods – analysis of research trendsMaksum, Y.; Amirli, A.; Amangeldi, A.; Inkarbekov, M.; Ding, Y.; Romagnoli, Alessandro; Rustamov, S.; Akhmetov, Bakytzhan