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2019Frequency of disturbance alters diversity, function, and underlying assembly mechanisms of complex bacterial communitiesSantillan, Ezequiel; Seshan, Hari; Constancias, Florentin; Drautz-Moses, Daniela I.; Wuertz, Stefan
 2023Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics suggest pathways of 3-chloroaniline degradation in wastewater reactorsSeshan, Hari; Santillan, Ezequiel; Constancias, Florentin; Segaran, Uma Shankari Chandra; Williams, Rohan B. H.; Wuertz, Stefan
2023Microbial community-based production of single cell protein from soybean-processing wastewater of variable chemical compositionVethathirri, Ramanujam Srinivasan; Santillan, Ezequiel; Thi, Sara Swa; Hoon, Hui Yi; Wuertz, Stefan
2021Microbial community-based protein production from wastewater for animal feed applicationsVethathirri, Ramanujam Srinivasan; Santillan, Ezequiel; Wuertz, Stefan
2022Microbiome assembly predictably shapes diversity across a range of disturbance frequencies in experimental microcosmsSantillan, Ezequiel; Wuertz, Stefan
2021Press xenobiotic 3-chloroaniline disturbance favors deterministic assembly with a shift in function and structure of bacterial communities in sludge bioreactorsSantillan, Ezequiel; Seshan, Hari; Wuertz, Stefan
2020Sustained organic loading disturbance favors nitrite accumulation in bioreactors with variable resistance, recovery and resilience of nitrification and nitrifiersSantillan, Ezequiel; Phua, W. X.; Constancias, Florentin; Wuertz, Stefan
 2019Trait‐based life‐history strategies explain succession scenario for complex bacterial communities under varying disturbanceSantillan, Ezequiel; Seshan, Hari; Constancias, Florentin; Wuertz, Stefan