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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Alloy-free amorphous Pt–B–P/C electrocatalyst for enhanced methanol electro-oxidationPoon, Kee Chun; Phan, Quoc Tuan; Vo-Doan, T. Thang; Lin, Ming; Sato, Hirotaka
2014A biological micro actuator : graded and closed-loop control of insect leg motion by electrical stimulation of musclesCao, Feng; Zhang, Chao; Vo Doan, Tat Thang; Li, Yao; Sangi, Daniyal Haider; Koh, Jie Sheng; Huynh, Ngoc Anh; Aziz, Mohamed Fareez Bin; Choo, Hao Yu; Ikeda, Kazuo; Abbeel, Pieter; Maharbiz, Michel M.; Sato, Hirotaka
 2015Deciphering the Role of a Coleopteran Steering Muscle via Free Flight StimulationSato, Hirotaka; Vo Doan, Tat Thang; Kolev, Svetoslav; Huynh, Ngoc Anh; Zhang, Chao; Massey, Travis L.; van Kleef, Joshua; Ikeda, Kazuo; Abbeel, Pieter; Maharbiz, Michel M.
 2022Efficient autonomous navigation for terrestrial insect-machine hybrid systemsNguyen, Huu Duoc; Dung, Van Than; Sato, Hirotaka; Vo-Doan, T. Thang
2016Electrical stimulation of coleopteran muscle for initiating flightChoo, Hao Yu; Li, Yao; Cao, Feng; Sato, Hirotaka
 2020Electrochemical system encapsulated by nanoscale liposomes enabling on-demand triggering of electroless deposition at selected areasZhan, Jing; Lin, Ming; Arai, Satoshi; Yang, Wan Wei; Sou, Keitaro; Sato, Hirotaka
2017Enhancing catalytic activity of bioanode for glucose biofuel cell by compressing enzyme, mediator and carbon support through centrifugationTan, Desmond Chun Long; Sato, Hirotaka
 2022The function of pitching in Beetle's flight revealed by insect-wearable backpackFu, Fang; Li, Yao; Wang, Haitong; Li, Bing; Sato, Hirotaka
2016Glue-Free Stacked Luminescent Nanosheets Enable High-Resolution Ratiometric Temperature Mapping in Living Small AnimalsMiyagawa, Takuya; Fujie, Toshinori; Ferdinandus; Vo Doan, Tat Thang; Sato, Hirotaka; Takeoka, Shinji
 2019Insect-computer hybrid robot achieves a walking gait rarely seen in nature by replacing the anisotropic natural leg spines with isotropic artificial leg spinesCao, Feng; Sato, Hirotaka
2022Integration of body-mounted ultrasoft organic solar cell on cyborg insects with intact mobilityKakei, Yujiro; Katayama, Shumpei; Lee, Shinyoung; Takakuwa, Masahito; Furusawa, Kazuya; Umezu, Shinjiro; Sato, Hirotaka; Fukuda, Kenjiro; Someya, Takao
2023Intelligent insect–computer hybrid robot: installing innate obstacle negotiation and onboard human detection onto cyborg insectTran-Ngoc, Phuoc Thanh; Le, Duc Long; Chong, Bing Sheng; Nguyen, Huu Duoc; Dung, Van Than; Cao, Feng; Li, Yao; Kai, Kazuki; Gan, Jia Hui; Vo-Doan, Tat Thang; Nguyen, Thanh Luan; Sato, Hirotaka
 2021One-minute synthesis via electroless reduction of amorphous phosphorus-doped graphene for oxygen reduction reactionPoon, Kee Chun; Wan, Wei Yang; Su, Haibin; Sato, Hirotaka
2015Oral dosing of chemical indicators for in vivo monitoring of Ca2+ dynamics in insect muscleFerdinandus; Arai, Satoshi; Ishiwata, Shin’ichi; Suzuki, Madoka; Sato, Hirotaka
2017Polishing of tungsten carbide by combination of anodizing and silica slurry polishingDeng, Hui; Zhang, Xinquan; Liu, Kui; Yamamura, Kazuya; Sato, Hirotaka
 2021Remote radio control of insect flight reveals why beetles lift their legs in flight while other insects tightly foldKosaka, Takumi; Gan, Jia Hui; Long, Le Duc; Umezu, Shinjiro; Sato, Hirotaka
2023Resilient conductive membrane synthesized by in-situ polymerisation for wearable non-invasive electronics on moving appendages of cyborg insectLin, Qifeng; Li, Rui; Zhang, Feilong; Kai, Kazuki; Ong, Zong Chen; Chen, Xiaodong; Sato, Hirotaka
2021A review on amorphous noble-metal-based electrocatalysts for fuel cells : synthesis, characterization, performance, and future perspectivePhan, Quoc Tuan; Poon, Kee Chun; Sato, Hirotaka
2022A review on recent advances in the electrochemical reduction of CO₂ to CO with nano-electrocatalystsPoon, Kee Chun; Wan, Wei Yang; Su, Haibin; Sato, Hirotaka
 2022A robotic leg inspired from an insect legTran-Ngoc, P Thanh; Lim, Leslie Ziqi; Gan, Jia Hui; Wang, Hong; Vo-Doan, T. Thang; Sato, Hirotaka