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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Ammonium ultra-selective membranes for wastewater treatment and nutrient enrichment: interplay of surface charge and hydrophilicity on fouling propensity and ammonium rejectionBao, Xian; She, Qianhong; Long, Wei; Wu, Qinglian
 2021Boron and salt ion transport in electrically assisted reverse osmosisBao, Xian; Long, Wei; Liu, Hong; She, Qianhong
 2021Calcium phosphate scaling in osmotically driven membrane processes: limiting flux behavior and its implications for scaling mitigationFei, Jingyuan; Lyu, You; Zhong, Xia; Wiley, Dianne E.; Liu, Zongwen; She, Qianhong
2023Comparison of energy efficiency between atmospheric batch pressure-retarded osmosis and single-stage pressure-retarded osmosisLi, Dan; Mo, Zijing; She, Qianhong
 2022Engineering pressure retarded osmosis membrane bioreactor (PRO-MBR) for simultaneous water and energy recovery from municipal wastewaterLiu, Shuyue; Song, Weilong; Meng, Manli; Xie, Ming; She, Qianhong; Zhao, Pin; Wang, Xinhua
2018Exploring the differences between forward osmosis and reverse osmosis foulingSiddiqui, Farrukh Arsalan; She, Qianhong; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Field, Robert W.
 2022Exploring the limitations of osmotically assisted reverse osmosis: membrane fouling and the limiting fluxPeters, Christian D.; Li, Dan; Mo, Zijing; Hankins, Nicholas P.; She, Qianhong
2016Fabrication and Characterization of Fabric-reinforced Pressure Retarded Osmosis Membranes for Osmotic Power HarvestingShe, Qianhong; Wei, Jing; Ma, Ning; Sim, Victor; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2022How split-feed osmotically assisted reverse osmosis (SF-OARO) can outperform conventional reverse osmosis (CRO) processes under constant and varying electricity tariffsMo, Zijing; Peters, Christian D.; Long, Cheng; Hankins, Nicholas P.; She, Qianhong
 2022Influence of membrane structure-dependent water transport on conductivity-permselectivity trade-off and salt/water selectivity in electrodialysis: implications for osmotic electrodialysis using porous ion exchange membranesLiu, Hong; She, Qianhong
2021Insights into the influence of membrane permeability and structure on osmotically-driven membrane processesWei, Jing; She, Qianhong; Liu, Xin
2016Membrane fouling in osmotically driven membrane processes: A reviewShe, Qianhong; Wang, Rong; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Fane, Anthony Gordon
 2020Membrane structure-dependent limiting flux behavior and membrane selectivity loss during gypsum scaling : implications for pressure-retarded osmosis operation and membrane designFei, Jingyuan; Mai, Weiting; Cheng, Pak Shing; Shi, Jeffrey; Liu, Zongwen; She, Qianhong
 2012Microscopic characterization of FO/PRO membranes : a comparative study of CLSM, TEM and SEMWang, Yi-Ning; Wei, Jing; She, Qianhong; Pacheco, Federico; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2023Mixed cation transport behaviours in electrodialysis during simultaneous ammonium enrichment and wastewater desalinationYang, Dingchang; Liu, Hong; She, Qianhong
2017Module scale-up and performance evaluation of thin film composite hollow fiber membranes for pressure retarded osmosisChen, Yunfeng; Loh, Chun Heng; Zhang, Lizhi; Setiawan, Laurentia; She, Qianhong; Fang, Wangxi; Hu, Xiao; Wang, Rong
 2022A multifunctional and low-energy electrochemical membrane system for chemical-free regulation of solution pHLong, Wei; She, Qianhong
 2021A novel method for the accurate characterization of transport and structural parameters of deformable membranes utilized in pressure- and osmotically driven membrane processesPeters, Christian D.; Ng, Daniel Yee Fan; Hankins, Nicholas P.; She, Qianhong
 2012Osmotic power production from salinity gradient resource by pressure retarded osmosis : effects of operating conditions and reverse solute diffusionShe, Qianhong; Jin, Xue; Tang, Chuyang Y.
 2019Pressure-retarded membrane distillation for low-grade heat recovery : the critical roles of pressure-induced membrane deformationYuan, Ziwen; Wei, Li; Afroze, Jannatul Dil; Goh, Kunli; Chen, Yumao; Yu, Yanxi; She, Qianhong; Chen, Yuan