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2016Adolescents' privacy concerns and information disclosure online: The role of parents and the InternetShin, Wonsun; Kang, Hyunjin
 2021Are parents doing it right? Parent and child perspectives on parental mediation in SingaporeLwin, May Oo; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Teresa, Jaishree; Cayabyab, Ysa Marie; Shin, Wonsun
 2012Developmental antecedents to children's responses to online advertisingFaber, Ronald J.; Shin, Wonsun; Huh, Jisu
2016Differential responses of loyal versus habitual consumers towards mobile site personalization on privacy managementKang, Hyunjin; Shin, Wonsun; Tam, Leona
2020Global sentiments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic on Twitter : analysis of Twitter trendsLwin, May Oo; Lu, Jiahui; Sheldenkar, Anita; Schulz, Peter Johannes; Shin, Wonsun; Gupta, Raj; Yang, Yinping
2018Interactivity in online chat : conversational contingency and response latency in computer-mediated communicationShin, Wonsun; Lew, Zijian; Pang, Augustine; Walther, Joseph B.
2013Parental socialization of children's Internet use: A qualitative approachShin, Wonsun
 2022Teens' privacy management on video-sharing social media: the roles of perceived privacy risk and parental mediationKang, Hyunjin; Shin, Wonsun; Huang, Junru
 2013Trust in prescription drug brand websites : website trust cues, attitude toward the website, and behavioral intentionsHuh, Jisu; Shin, Wonsun
 2012Tweens' online privacy risks and the role of parental mediationFaber, Ronald J.; Shin, Wonsun; Huh, Jisu
2019What motivates parents to mediate children’s use of smartphones? An application of the theory of planned behaviorShin, Wonsun; Kim, Hye Kyung
2021When Facebook becomes a part of the self: how do motives for using Facebook influence privacy management?Kang, Hyunjin ; Shin, Wonsun