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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 20122GHz frequency stabilized actively mode-locked fiber laser with piezoelectric tube-based feedback controlsystemLam, Huy Quoc; Shum, Perry Ping; Xue, J.; Li, N.; Wong, J. H.; Ding, R.; Aditya, Sheel
201664 Core ultra dense multicore fiber design for optical fronthaul systemsLi, Borui; Tang, Ming; Huo, Liang; Deng, Lei; Fu, Songnian; Shum, Perry Ping
 2018900 nm waveband four wave mixing generation in highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiberWu, Duanduan; Guo, Zhenrong; Wu, Zhifang; Shum, Perry Ping
2020All-metal phosphide electrodes for high-performance quasi-solid-state fiber-shaped aqueous rechargeable Ni-Fe batteriesYang, Jiao; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Qichong; Shum, Perry Ping; Wei, Lei
 2013All-normal-dispersion passively mode-locked Yb-doped fiber ring laser based on a graphene oxide saturable absorberLi, X. H.; Wang, Y. G.; Wang, Y. S.; Zhang, Y. Z.; Wu, K.; Shum, Perry Ping; Yu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Q. J.
2023Alterable interferential fineness for high temperature sensing calibration based on Bragg hollow core fiberRan, Sixiang; Ni, Wenjun; Yang, Chunyong; Zhao, Zhongke; Wang, Shun; Shum, Perry Ping
2012Analysis of spectral-phase conventional and long-range surface plasmon resonance biosensorsShum, Perry Ping; Wang, Cheng; Ho, Ho-Pui
2016Application of coupled optoelectronic oscillator on optical samplingJiang, Fan; Lam, Huy Quoc; Zhou, Junqiang; Zhang, Hailiang; Shum, Perry Ping; Zhang, Xinliang
2016Azimuthally Polarized Radial Emission from a Quantum Dot Fiber LaserZhang, Nan; Liu, He; Stolyarov, Alexander M.; Zhang, Ting; Li, Kaiwei; Shum, Perry Ping; Fink, Yoel; Sun, Xiao Wei; Wei, Lei
2013Bandwidth analysis of waveguide grating couplerXiao, Zhe; Liow, Tsung-Yang; Zhang, Jing; Shum, Perry Ping; Luan, Feng
2020Bragg grating assisted Sagnac interferometer in SiO2-Al2O3-La2O3 polarization-maintaining fiber for strain-temperature discriminationWu, Zhifang; Wu, Peili; Kudinova, Maryna; Zhang, Hailiang; Shum, Perry Ping; Shao, Xuguang; Humbert, Georges; Auguste, Jean-Louis; Dinh, Xuan Quyen; Pu, Jixiong
2014Cascaded fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometers with Vernier effect for highly sensitive measurement of axial strain and magnetic fieldZhang, Peng; Tang, Ming; Gao, Feng; Zhu, Benpeng; Fu, Songnian; Ouyang, Jun; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
 2012Cascaded photonic crystal fiber interferometers for refractive index sensingLim, Jun Long; Hu, Dora Juan Juan; Shum, Perry Ping; Wang, Yixin
2012Cavity-length optimization for high energy pulse generation in a long cavity passively mode-locked all-fiber ring laserShum, Perry Ping; Wu, Kan; Wong, Jia Haur; Aditya, Sheel; Li, Nanxi; Xue, Jin; Ouyang, Chunmei
 2012Characteristics of suspended-core fiber interferometer : modal analysisLim, Jun Long; Hu, Dora Juan Juan; Cui, Dongyao; Yoo, Seongwoo; Shum, Perry Ping; Loh, Wei
2011Characterization of the excess noise conversion from optical relative intensity noise in the photodetection of mode-locked lasers for microwave signal synthesisWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Aditya, Sheel; Ouyang, Chunmei; Wong, Jia Haur; Lam, Huy Quoc; Lee, Kenneth Eng Kian
2012Characterization of the RIN-to-phase-noise conversion in the mode-locked fiber lasersWu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Ouyang, Chunmei
 2012Comb filter-based fiber-optic methane sensor system with mitigation of cross gas sensitivityLiu, Duan; Fu, Songnian; Tang, Ming; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming
 2012A compact all fiber refractive index sensor based on modal interferenceWo, Jianghai; Sun, Qizhen; Li, Xiaolei; Zhang, Jiejun; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
 2012A compact and temperature-sensitive directional coupler based on photonic crystal fiber filled with liquid crystal 6CHBTWolinski, Tomasz R.; Hu, Dora Juan Juan; Shum, Perry Ping; Lim, Jun Long; Cui, Ying; Milenko, Karolina; Wang, Yixin