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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018A 0.0186 mm2, 0.65 V supply, 9.53 ps RMS jitter all-digital PLL for medical implantsPalaniappan, Arjun Ramaswami; Siek, Liter
2017A 0.058 mm2 24 µw temperature sensor in 40 nm cmos process with ± 0.5 ◦c inaccuracy from −55 to 175 ◦cZhu, Di; Siek, Liter
 2014A 0.42-V input boost dc-dc converter with pseudo-digital pulsewidth modulationSun, Zhuochao; Chew, Roy Kin Wai; Tang, Howard; Yu, Guolei; Siek, Liter
 2019A 0.6 V, 1.74 ps resolution capacitively boosted time-to-digital converter in 180 nm CMOSPalaniappan, Arjun Ramaswami; Siek, Liter
 2017A 0.9-V input PWM DCM boost converter with low output ripples and fast load transient response based on a novel square-root voltage mode (SRVM) control approachLuo, Hao; Siek, Liter
 2016A 1 V 103 dB 3rd-order audio continuous-time ΔΣ ADC with enhanced noise shaping in 65 nm CMOSLeow, Yoon Hwee; Tang, Howard; Sun, Zhuochao; Siek, Liter
 2020A 10-bit 3.75-GS/s binary-weighted DAC with 58.6-pJ energy consumption in 65-nm CMOSChacón, Oscar Morales; Wikner, Jacob; Alvandpour, Atila; Siek, Liter
2018A 10-bit 300 MS/s 5.8 mW SAR ADC with two-stage interpolation for PET imagingQiu, Lei; Wang, Keping; Tang, Kai; Siek, Liter; Zheng, Yuanjin
 2020A 12-bit branching time-to-digital converter with power saving features and digital based resolution tuning for PVT variationsTeh, Jian Sen; Siek, Liter
 2018A 14-b, 850fs fully synthesizable stochastic-based branching time-to-digital converter in 65nm CMOSTeh, Jian Sen; Siek, Liter; Alonso, Abdel Martinez; Firdauzi, Anugerah; Matsuzawa, Akira
2017A 16-mW 1-GS/s with 49.6-dB SNDR TI-SAR ADC for software-defined radio in 65-nm CMOSQiu, Lei; Tang, Kai; Zheng, Yuanjin; Siek, Liter; Zhu, Yan; U, Seng-Pan
 2014A 180 nm technology new 2.5 Gbps burst-mode optical receiver design with automatic gain control and feed-forward created resetSiek, Liter; Duan, Lian; Lim, Wei Meng
2017A 2-kW, 95% Efficiency Inductive Power Transfer System Using Gallium Nitride Gate Injection TransistorsCai, Aaron Qingwei; Siek, Liter
 20172.45GHz wide input range CMOS rectifier for RF energy harvestingLau, Wendy Wee Yee; Siek, Liter
 2015A 400 nW single-inductor dual-input–tri-output DC–DC buck–boost converter with maximum power point tracking for indoor photovoltaic energy harvestingYu, Guolei; Chew, Roy Kin Wai; Sun, Zhuochao; Tang, Howard; Siek, Liter
 2013A 400nW single-inductor dual-input-tri-output DC-DC buck-boost converter with maximum power point tracking for indoor photovoltaic energy harvestingChew, Kin Wai Roy; Sun, Zhuochao; Tang, Howard; Siek, Liter
 2017An 80.4% peak power efficiency adaptive supply class H power amplifier for audio applicationsZhang, Xiang; Siek, Liter
 2018An 87% peak efficiency, 37W, class H audio amplifier with GaN output stageNardi, Utomo; Siek, Liter; Yap, Heng Goh; Disney, Don; Selvaraj, Lawrence; Peng, Lulu
 2016A 9-bit, 1.08ps resolution two-step time-to-digital converter in 65 nm CMOS for time-mode ADCKong, Junjie; Henzler, Stephan; Schmitt-Landsiedel, Doris; Siek, Liter
2013Adaptive gate switching control for discontinuous conduction mode DC–DC converterSun, Zhuochao; Chew, Kin Wai Roy; Tang, Howard; Siek, Liter