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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Attention and cognitive bias modification apps: review of the literature and of commercially available appsZhang, Melvyn; Ying, JiangBo; Song, Guo; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng; Smith, Helen
2018Attention bias in individuals with addictive disorders : systematic review protocolZhang, Melvyn; Ying, JiangBo; Song, Guo; Ho, Roger CM; Smith, Helen; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng
2017Can online discussion sites generate quality data for research purposes?Smith, Helen; Bulbul, Alpaslan; Jones, Christina J.
2019Codesigning a mobile gamified attention bias modification intervention : research protocolZhang, Melvyn W. B.; Heng, Sandor; Song, Guo; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng; Smith, Helen
2020COVID-19 contact-tracing apps : analysis of the readability of privacy policiesZhang, Melvyn; Chow, Aloysius; Smith, Helen
2018Enhancing the quality and utility of content analyses for addictive disordersSmith, Helen; Fung, Daniel S. S.; Zhang, Melvyn; Wing, Tracey
2018Fake news or weak science? Visibility and characterization of antivaccine webpages returned by Google in different languages and countriesBizzi, Isabella Harb; Arif, Nadia; Al-Jefri, Majed; Perano, Gianni Boitano; Goldman, Michel; Haq, Inam; Chua, Kee Leng; Mengozzi, Manuela; Neunez, Marie; Smith, Helen; Ghezzi, Pietro
2019Food allergy knowledge, attitudes and their determinants among restaurant staff : a cross-sectional studyLoerbroks, Adrian; Tolksdorf, Susanne Julia; Wagenmann, Martin; Smith, Helen
2018Gamified cognitive bias modification interventions for psychiatric disorders : reviewZhang, Melvyn; Ying, Jiangbo; Song, Guo; Smith, Helen; Fung, Daniel S. S.
2020Gamified M-health attention bias modification intervention for individuals with opioid use disorder : protocol for a pilot randomised studyZhang, Melvyn; Heng, Sandor; Amron, Syidda B.; Mahreen, Zaakira; Song, Guo; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng; Smith, Helen
2021How practice setting affects family physicians' views on genetic screening: a qualitative studyFok, Rose Wai-Yee; Ong, Cheryl Siow Bin; Lie, Désirée; Ishak, Diana; Fung, Si Ming; Tang, Wern Ee; Sun, Shirley; Smith, Helen; Ngeow, Joanne Yuen Yie
2022The impact and applications of social media platforms for public health responses before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: systematic literature reviewGunasekeran, Dinesh Visva; Chew, Alton; Chandrasekar, Eeshwar K.; Rajendram, Priyanka; Kandarpa, Vasundhara; Rajendram, Mallika; Chia, Audrey; Smith, Helen; Leong, Choon Kit
2020‘The mean mummy way’ – experiences of parents instilling eye drops to their young children as described in online forums and blogsLaw, Gloria Chun Yi; Bülbül, Alpaslan; Jones, Christina J.; Smith, Helen
2018Men who have sex with men who do not access sexual health clinics nor disclose sexual orientation are unlikely to receive the HPV vaccine in the UKNadarzynski, Tom; Smith, Helen; Richardson, Daniel; Bremner, Stephen; Llewellyn, Carrie
2018Mobile phone cognitive bias modification research platform for substance use disorders : protocol for a feasibility studyZhang, Melvyn; Ying, JiangBo; Song, Guo; Fung, Daniel Shuen Sheng; Smith, Helen
2022Patients’ experiences of telemedicine for their skin problems : qualitative studyChow, Aloysius; Teo, Sok Huang; Kong, Jing Wen; Lee, Simon; Heng, Yee Kiat; van Steensel, Maurice; Smith, Helen
2021Priorities for family physician and general practitioner recruitment and retention in Singapore: a prioritize studyTudor Car, Lorainne; Teng, Yee Sean; How, Jin Wei; Nadia Nasuha Mohammad Nazri; Tan, Amy Li Xian; Quah, Joanne H. M.; Peckham, Stephen; Smith, Helen
2019Proliferation of the WReN spider, an instrument to measure health professionals’ experience of research : a bibliographic studyPuerta, Lidia Luna; Apfelbacher, Christian; Smith, Helen
2019A randomised controlled trial of a telephone administered brief HIV risk reduction intervention amongst men who have sex with men prescribed post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV after sexual exposure in the UK : project PEPSELlewellyn, Carrie Diane; Abraham, Charles; Pollard, Alex; Jones, Christopher Iain; Bremner, Stephen; Miners, Alec; Smith, Helen
2021A retrospective cohort study examining secondary prevention post stroke in primary care in an Asian settingBansal, Vivek; Lee, Eng Sing; Smith, Helen