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2017Analysis and Implementation of Pulse-Width Modulated DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles with Improved EfficiencyVenkata Ravi Kishore Kanamarlapudi; So, Ping Lam
 2012Centralized control for parallel operation of distributed generation inverters in microgridsSo, Ping Lam; Chu, Yun Chung; Chen, M. Z. Q.; Tan, K. T.; Peng, X. Y.
2015Chitosan-hydrogel-based fiber optic sensor for heavy metal ion detectionRavikumar, Raghunandhan; Chen, Li Han; Chan, Chi Chiu; So, Ping Lam; Tou, Zhi Qiang; Peng, Zu
2015Coordinated Control of Distributed Energy-Storage Systems for Voltage Regulation in Distribution NetworksWang, Yu; Tan, K. T.; Peng, Xiao Yang; So, Ping Lam
 2010Feasibility study of a new injection method for EMI reduction in indoor broadband PLC networksPang, T. S.; So, Ping Lam; See, Kye Yak
2007Feasibility study of adding a common-mode choke in PLC modem for EMI suppressionKamarul, A.; See, Kye Yak; So, Ping Lam
2015Intensity-modulated refractometer with long period fiber grating cascaded by chirped fiber gratingYang, Jingyi; Dong, Xinyong; Chen, Li Han; Zheng, Yangzi; Chan, Chi Chu; So, Ping Lam
2017Localized surface plasmon resonance refractometer based on no-core fiberWang, Yan Ru; Tou, Zhi Qiang; Zhao, Chun Liu; So, Ping Lam; Chan, Chi Chiu
2008Modeling and analysis of common-mode current propagation in broadband power-line communication networksKamarul, A.; Pang, Teng Seng; So, Ping Lam; See, Kye Yak
2008Modeling of radio frequency electromagnetic disturbances in power line communication networksPang, Teng Seng; So, Ping Lam; See, Kye Yak
 2018A new ZVS full-bridge DC-DC converter for battery charging with reduced losses over full-load rangeKanamarlapudi, Venkata Ravi Kishore; Wang, Benfei; Kandasamy, Nandha Kumar; So, Ping Lam
2015Optical fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer with pH sensitive hydrogel film for hazardous gases sensingZheng, Yangzi; Chen, Li Han; Chan, Chi Chiu; Dong, Xinyong; Yang, Jingyi; Tou, Zhi Qiang; So, Ping Lam
 2012An output regulation-based unified power quality conditioner with Kalman filtersKwan, Kian Hoong; So, Ping Lam; Chu, Yun Chung
2005Radio-frequency common-mode noise propagation model for power-line cableKamarul, A.; See, Kye Yak; So, Ping Lam; Gunawan, Erry
2006Reduction of CM noise emissions from PLC modem using optically coupled signalingKamarul, A.; See, Kye Yak; So, Ping Lam
2019Reflection-based thin-core modal interferometry optical fiber functionalized with PAA-PBA/PVA for glucose detection under physiological pHWang, Yan Ru; Tou, Zhi Qiang; Ravikumar, Raghunandhan; Lim, Yi Yin; Ding, Zhe Wen; Zhao, Chun Liu; So, Ping Lam; Chan, Chi Chiu
 2012Smart distribution network device for microgrid applicationsSo, Ping Lam; Chu, Yun Chung; Tan, K. T.; Chen, M. Z. Q.