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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Artificial photosynthesis beyond water splitting for environmental remediationChin, Kek Foo; Đokić, Miloš; Soo, Han Sen
2018Artificial photosynthesis by light absorption, charge separation, and multielectron catalysisĐokić, Miloš; Soo, Han Sen
2017Bay-region functionalisation of Ar-BIAN ligands and their use within highly absorptive cationic iridium(III) dyesKamrul Hasan; Wang, Jingyi; Pal, Amlan K.; Hierlinger, Claus; Guerchais, Véronique; Soo, Han Sen; García, Felipe; Zysman-Colman, Eli
2019Cobalt complex of a tetraamido macrocyclic ligand as a precursor for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolutionHo, Xian Liang; Das, Siva Prasad; Ng, Leonard Kia-Sheun; Ng, Andrew Yun Ru; Ganguly, Rakesh; Soo, Han Sen
2019Completely solvent-free protocols to access phase-pure, metastable metal halide perovskites and functional photodetectors from the precursor saltsHong, Zonghan; Tan, Davin; John, Rohit Abraham; Tay, Eugene Yong Kang; Ho, Terence Yan King; Zhao, Xin; Sum, Tze Chien; Mathews, Nripan; García, Felipe; Soo, Han Sen
2021Current developments in the chemical upcycling of waste plastics using alternative energy sourcesEstahbanati, Mahmood Reza Karimi; Kong, Xin Ying; Eslami, Ali; Soo, Han Sen
2018C–H activation and nucleophilic substitution in a photochemically generated high valent iron complexLim, Jia Hui; Engelmann, Xenia; Corby, Sacha; Ganguly, Rakesh; Ray, Kallol; Soo, Han Sen
2022Emergence of ligand-to-metal charge transfer in homogeneous photocatalysis and photosensitizationLi, Chenfei; Kong, Xin Ying; Tan, Zheng Hao; Yang, Crystal Ting; Soo, Han Sen
2016Enhancing electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution by nickel salicylaldimine complexes with alkali metal cations in aqueous mediaShao, Haiyan; Muduli, Subas K.; Tran, Phong D.; Soo, Han Sen
2020Halogen-containing semiconductors : from artificial photosynthesis to unconventional computingKlejna, Sylwia; Mazur, Tomasz; Wlaźlak, Ewelina; Zawal, Piotr; Soo, Han Sen; Szaciłowski, Konrad
2018Hybrid nanomaterials with single-site catalysts by spatially controllable immobilization of nickel complexes via photoclick chemistry for alkene epoxidationGhosh, Dwaipayan; Febriansyah, Benny; Gupta, Disha; Ng, Leonard Kia-Sheun; Xi, Shibo; Du, Yonghua; Baikie, Tom; Dong, ZhiLi; Soo, Han Sen
2019Hydrophobic metal halide perovskites for visible-light photoredox C-C bond cleavage and dehydrogenation catalysisHong, Zonghan; Chong, Wee Kiang; Ng, Andrew Yun Ru; Li, Mingjie; Ganguly, Rakesh; Sum, Tze Chien; Soo, Han Sen
2020Investigating the solid-state assembly of pharmaceutically-relevant N,N-dimethyl-O-thiocarbamates in the absence of labile hydrogen bondsTan, Davin; Ng, Zi Xuan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Li, Yongxin; Soo, Han Sen; Sharmarke Mohamed; García, Felipe
2017Kinetics and DFT studies of photoredox carbon–carbon bond cleavage reactions by molecular vanadium catalysts under ambient conditionsGazi, Sarifuddin; Đokić, Miloš; Moeljadi, Adhitya Mangala Putra; Ganguly, Rakesh; Hirao, Hajime; Soo, Han Sen
2017Mechanistic insights for the photoredox organocatalytic fluorination of aliphatic carbons by anthraquinone using time-resolved and DFT studiesKee, J. W.; Shao, H.; Kee, C. W.; Lu, Yunpeng; Soo, Han Sen; Tan, Choon Hong
2014Mesoporous cerium oxide nanospheres for the visible-light driven photocatalytic degradation of dyesHuan, Alfred Cheng Hon; Muduli, Subas K.; Wang, Songling; Chen, Shi; Ng, Chin Fan; Sum, Tze Chien; Soo, Han Sen
2019Mesoporous SiO2/BiVO4/CuOx nanospheres for Z-scheme, visible light aerobic C–N coupling and dehydrogenationNg, Leonard Kia-Sheun; Tan, Eugene Jun-Ching; Goh, Teck Wee; Zhao, Xin; Chen, Zhong; Sum, Tze Chien; Soo, Han Sen
2017Morphology-independent stable white-light emission from self-assembled two-dimensional perovskites driven by strong exciton–phonon coupling to the organic frameworkThirumal, Krishnamoorthy; Chong, Wee Kiang; Xie, Wei; Ganguly, Rakesh; Muduli, Subas Kumar; Sherburne, Matthew; Asta, Mark; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Sum, Tze Chien; Soo, Han Sen; Mathews, Nripan
2016A multi-step solvent-free mechanochemical route to indium(III) complexesWang, Jingyi; Ganguly, Rakesh; Yongxin, Li; Díaz, Jesus; Soo, Han Sen; García, Felipe
2016Multidimensional perovskites : a mixed cation approach towards ambient stable and tunable perovskite photovoltaicsKoh, Teck Ming; Thirumal, Krishnamoorthy; Soo, Han Sen; Mathews, Nripan