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 2017Can the risk of coastal hazards be better communicated?Pile, Jeremy; Gouramanis, Chris; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Rush, Becky; Reynolds, Iain; Soria, Janneli Lea Acierto
2020A comparative study of the 2013 typhoon Haiyan overwash sediments from a coastal cave and beach system at Salcedo, Eastern Samar, central PhilippinesSwitzer, Adam D.; Felix, Raquel P.; Soria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Shaw, Timothy Adam
2021Geomorphological and sedimentological records of recent storms on a volcaniclastic coast in Bicol, PhilippinesSoria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Switzer, Adam D.; Pile, Jeremy; Siringan, Fernando P.; Brill, Dominik; Daag, Arturo
2020Holocene evolution of the Chan May coastal embayment, central Vietnam : changing coastal dynamics associated with decreasing rates of progradation possibly forced by mid- to late-Holocene sea-level changesGouramanis, C.; Switzer, Adam D.; Bristow, C. S.; Pham, D. T.; Mauz, B.; Hoang, Q. D.; Lam, D. D.; Lee, Yingsin; Soria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Pile, Jeremy; Chi, N. T. K.; Nghiem, D.; Sloss, C.
2016Repeat Storm Surge Disasters of Typhoon Haiyan and Its 1897 Predecessor in the PhilippinesSoria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Villanoy, Cesar L.; Fritz, Hermann M.; Bilgera, Princess Hope T.; Cabrera, Olivia C.; Siringan, Fernando P.; Maria, Yvainne Yacat-Sta.; Ramos, Riovie D.; Fernandez, Ian Quino
2017Surf beat-induced overwash during Typhoon Haiyan deposited two distinct sediment assemblages on the carbonate coast of Hernani, Samar, central PhilippinesSoria, Janneli Lea Acierto; Switzer, Adam Douglas; Pilarczyk, Jessica E.; Tang, Hui; Weiss, Robert; Siringan, Fernando; Manglicmot, Michelle; Gallentes, Adonis; Lau, A. Y. Annie; Cheong, Amanda Yee Lin; Koh, Tracy Wei Ling