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2017Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-Dependent Phosphorylation of Sox2 at Serine 39 Regulates NeurogenesisLim, Shuhui; Bhinge, Akshay; Bragado Alonso, Sara; Aksoy, Irene; Aprea, Julieta; Cheok, Chit Fang; Calegari, Federico; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Kaldis, Philipp
2012Directing neuronal differentiation of primary neural progenitor cells by gene knockdown approachStanton, Lawrence W.; Low, Wei Ching; Yau, Winifred Wing Yiu; Marcy, Guillaume; Goh, Eyleen; Chew, Sing Yian
2012Identification and characterization of mesenchymal stem cells derived from the trabecular meshwork of the human eyeTay, Cheryl Y.; Chu, Stephanie W. L.; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Wong, Tina T.; Sathiyanathan, Padmapriya
2017Long-Term Culture of Self-renewing Pancreatic Progenitors Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem CellsTrott, Jamie; Tan, Ee Kim; Ong, Sheena; Titmarsh, Drew M.; Denil, Simon L.I.J.; Giam, Maybelline; Wong, Cheng Kit; Wang, Jiaxu; Shboul, Mohammad; Eio, Michelle; Cooper-White, Justin; Cool, Simon M.; Rancati, Giulia; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Reversade, Bruno; Dunn, Norris Ray 
2014MiR‐135b is a direct PAX6 target and specifies human neuroectoderm by inhibiting TGF‐β/BMP signalingBhinge, Akshay; Poschmann, Jeremie; Namboori, Seema C.; Tian, Xianfeng; Loh, Sharon Jia Hui; Traczyk, Anna; Prabhakar, Shyam; Stanton, Lawrence W.
 2013Nanofibrous scaffold-mediated REST knockdown to enhance neuronal differentiation of stem cellsMessersmith, Phillip B.; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Low, Wei Ching; Rujitanaroj, Pim-On; Lee, Dong-Kuen; Goh, Eyleen; Chew, Sing Yian
 2014Sox transcription factors require selective interactions with Oct4 and specific transactivation functions to mediate reprogrammingAksoy, Irene; Jauch, Ralf; Eras, Volker; Chng, Wen-bin Alfred; Chen, Jiaxuan; Divakar, Ushashree; Ng, Calista Keow Leng; Kolatkar, Prasanna R.; Stanton, Lawrence W.
 2013Transcription factor-induced lineage programming of noradrenaline and motor neurons from embryonic stem cellsMong, Jamie; Panman, Lia; Alekseenko, Zhanna; Kee, Nigel; Stanton, Lawrence W.; Ericson, Johan; Perlmann, Thomas
2017Transcriptome analysis for the identification of cellular markers related to trabecular meshwork differentiationSathiyanathan, Padmapriya; Tay, Cheryl Y.; Stanton, Lawrence W.