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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022About existence of resilient supervisors against smart sensor attacksSu, Rong
2021Adaptive resilient event-triggered control design of autonomous vehicles with an iterative single critic learning frameworkZhang, Kun; Su, Rong; Zhang, Huaguang; Tian, Yunlin
2017An application of incremental scheduling to a cluster photolithography toolWare, Simon; Su, Rong
2023AST-GIN: attribute-augmented spatiotemporal graph informer network for electric vehicle charging station availability forecastingLuo, Ruikang; Song, Yaofeng; Huang, Liping; Zhang, Yicheng; Su, Rong
2020Attention based graph Bi-LSTM networks for traffic forecastingZhao, Han; Yang, Huan; Wang, Yu; Wang, Danwei; Su, Rong
2018Automatic generation of optimal reductions of distributionsMasopust, Tomáš; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong; Wonham, W. Murray
 2020Bayesian filtering for building occupancy estimation from carbon dioxide concentrationJiang, Chaoyang; Chen, Zhenghua; Su, Rong; Masood, Mustafa Khalid; Soh, Yeng Chai
2022A certificateless efficient and secure group handover authentication protocol in 5G enabled vehicular networksYan, Xiaobei; Ma, Maode; Su, Rong
2017A cyber attack model with bounded sensor reading alterationsSu, Rong
2018Cyclic scheduling analysis of single-arm cluster tools with wafer residency time constraint and chamber cleaning operationsYang, FaJun; Wu, NaiQi; Su, Rong; Qiao, Yan
2018Decomposition methods for manufacturing system scheduling : a surveyYang, Fajun; Gao, Kaizhou; Simon, Ian Ware; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong
 2023Differential evolution-driven traffic light scheduling for vehicle-pedestrian mixed-flow networksGupta, Shubham; Shu, Weihua; Zhang, Yi; Su, Rong
 2019Differential graphical games for H∞ control of linear heterogeneous multiagent systemsFarnaz Adib Yaghmaie; Hengster-Movric, Kristian; Lewis, Frank L.; Su, Rong
2022Direction convolutional LSTM network: prediction network for drivers’ lane-changing behavioursZhao, Nanbin; Wang, Bohui; Lu, Yun; Su, Rong
2022A distributed platoon control framework for connected automated vehicles in an urban traffic networkWang, Bohui; Su, Rong
2022Diversified sine–cosine algorithm based on differential evolution for multidimensional knapsack problemGupta, Shubham; Su, Rong; Singh, Shitu
2022Effective authentication to prevent Sybil attacks in vehicular platoonsJunaidi, Danial Ritzuan; Ma, Maode; Su, Rong
2018Efficient approach to cyclic scheduling of single-arm cluster tools with chamber cleaning operations and wafer residency time constraintYang, Fajun; Wu, Naiqi; Gao, Kaizhou; Zhang, Chunjiang; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong; Qiao, Yan
2020Efficient approach to scheduling of transient processes for time-constrained single-arm cluster tools with parallel chambersYang, Fajun; Qiao, Yan; Gao, Kaizhou; Wu, Naiqi; Zhu, Yuting; Ware, Simon Ian; Su, Rong
2022An efficient differential evolution with fitness-based dynamic mutation strategy and control parametersGupta, Shubham; Su, Rong