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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Carbon–silica composite nanofiber membrane for high flux separation of water-in-oil emulsion – Performance study and fouling mechanismTai, Ming Hang; Juay, Jermyn; Leckie, James O.; Sun, Darren Delai
2013Comparison study on membrane fouling by various sludge fractions with long solid retention time in membrane bioreactorSun, Darren Delai; Liu, Shushu
 2011Concurrent filtration and solar photocatalytic disinfection/degradation using high-performance Ag/TiO2 nanofiber membraneLiu, Lei; Liu, Zhaoyang; Bai, Hongwei; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012The design of a hierarchical photocatalyst inspired by natural forest and its usage on hydrogen generationBai, Hongwei; Liu, Zhaoyang; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012The effect of fabrication method of hierarchical 3D TiO2 nanorod spheres on photocatalytic pollutants degradationLee, Siew Siang; Bai, Hongwei; Sun, Darren Delai; Liu, Zhaoyang
2014Effects of various TiO2 nanostructures and graphene oxide on photocatalytic activity of TiO2Gao, Peng; Li, Anran; Sun, Darren Delai; Ng, Wun Jern
2019Efficient oil/water separation membrane derived from super-flexible and superhydrophilic core–shell organic/inorganic nanofibrous architecturesLiu, Zhi; Qin, Detao; Zhao, Jianghui; Feng, Quan; Li, Zhengtao; Bai, Hongwei; Sun, Darren Delai
2014The efficient separation of surfactant-stabilized oil–water emulsions with a flexible and superhydrophilic graphene–TiO2 composite membraneGao, Peng; Liu, Zhaoyang; Sun, Darren Delai; Ng, Wun Jern
 2021Electrospun Bi₃⁺/TiO₂ nanofibers for concurrent photocatalytic H₂ and clean water production from glycerol under solar irradiation: a systematic studyLee, Siew Siang; Bai, Hongwei; Chua, Song Cherng; Lee, Kang Wei; Sun, Darren Delai
2012Electrospun TiO2/SnO2 nanofibers with innovative structure and chemical properties for highly efficient photocatalytic H2 generationLee, Siew Siang; Bai, Hongwei; Liu, Zhaoyang; Sun, Darren Delai
2003Enhanced photocatalytic oxidation technologySun, Darren Delai; Tay, Joo Hwa
 2012Enhancing stability and photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles by surface modification of graphene oxideWang, Yinjie; Liu, Jincheng; Liu, Lei; Sun, Darren Delai
2011Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells by benzoic acid modified TiO2 nanorod electrodeLiu, Jincheng; Wang, Yinjie; Sun, Darren Delai
 2013Facile adsorption-dry process to incorporate Cu Into TiO2 nanotube for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen productionXu, Shiping; Sun, Darren Delai
 2021A facile method for the fast and accurate selection of a UF membrane for membrane bioreactorsLi, Zhengtao; Tio, Wee; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012Facile preparation of monodisperse, carbon doped single crystal rutile TiO2 nanorod spheres with a large percentage of reactive (110) facet exposure for highly efficient H2 generationBai, Hongwei; Liu, Zhaoyang; Sun, Darren Delai
2011Facile synthesis of monodispersed silver nanoparticles on graphene oxide sheets with enhanced antibacterial activityLiu, Lei; Liu, Jincheng; Wang, Yinjie; Yan, Xiaoli; Sun, Darren Delai
 2019Fine-tuning selective layer architecture of hydrogel membrane towards high separation performances for engineered osmosisQin, Detao; Liu, Zhaoyang; Bai, Hongwei; Song, Xiaoxiao; Li, Zhengtao; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012A free-standing, hybrid TiO2/K-OMS-2 hierarchical nanofibrous membrane with high photocatalytic activity for concurrent membrane filtration applicationsZhang, Tong; Wang, Yinjie; Ng, Jiawei; Sun, Darren Delai
 2013Functional free-standing graphene honeycomb filmsSun, Hang; Zhang, Yanyan; Meng, Fanben; Cao, Xuebo; Sun, Darren Delai; Yin, Shengyan; Goldovsky, Yulia; Herzberg, Moshe; Liu, Lei; Chen, Hongyu; Kushmaro, Ariel; Chen, Xiaodong