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20172017 Jakarta Election and Indonesia’s Democracy, Jakarta’s Contentious Election: What Anies Baswedan’s Victory MeansSyailendra, Emirza Adi
20172017 Jakarta’s Election and Indonesia’s Democracy - Ascent of a Javanese King: President Jokowi’s Leadership StyleSyailendra, Emirza Adi
20172017 Jakarta’s Election and Participatory Politics : What’s Gone Wrong with Indonesia’s Democracy?Syailendra, Emirza Adi
2017China in Indonesia’s Foreign Policy : Maintaining a Nonbalancing PostureSyailendra, Emirza Adi
2015Consensual leadership in ASEAN : will it endure under Jokowi?Syailendra, Emirza Adi
2013Indonesia's foreign policy outlook : challenges of 2013 and beyondSyailendra, Emirza Adi
2018Indonesian Presidential Election 2019 : The Coming Divisive Contest : Jokowi vs. PrabowoSyailendra, Emirza Adi
2014Jokowi’s “Look West” foreign policy : expanding Indonesia’s sphere of influence?Sebastian, Leonard C.; Syailendra, Emirza Adi
2021Regional order : Indonesia's shifting redlines?Syailendra, Emirza Adi; Sebastian, Leonard C.
2016Two Years Under Jokowi – Jokowi: King or Puppet?Syailendra, Emirza Adi
2016Two Years Under Jokowi – Jokowi’s Power Consolidation: At What Cost?Syailendra, Emirza Adi
2016Two Years Under Jokowi – President’s Special Relationship with Luhut PanjaitanSyailendra, Emirza Adi
2013Youth and the "Jokowi effect" : strike while the iron is hot?Chen, Jonathan; Syailendra, Emirza Adi