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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Adaptive CGF for pilots training in air combat simulationTeng, Teck-Hou; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Ong, Wee-Sze; Lee, Kien-Lip
 2013Adaptive computer-generated forces for simulator-based trainingTeng, Teck-Hou; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Teow, Loo-Nin
2018Analysis of public transportation patterns in a densely populated city with station-based shared bikesWang, Di; Wu, Evan; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2016An Autonomous Agent for Learning Spatiotemporal Models of Human Daily ActivitiesGao, Shan; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2018Autonomous agents in snake game via deep reinforcement learningWei, Zhepei; Wang, Di; Zhang, Ming; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Miao, Chunyan; Zhou, You
2019Beyond autonomy : the self and life of social agentsSubagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee
 2012A biologically-inspired affective model based on cognitive situational appraisalShu, Feng; Tan, Ah-Hwee
 2011Cooperative reinforcement learning in topology-based multi-agent systemsXiao, Dan; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2018A coordination framework for multi-agent persuasion and adviser systemsSubagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Kang, Yilin
2017eHealthPortal : a social support hub for the active living of the elderlyWang, Di; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2019End-to-end deep reinforcement learning for multi-agent collaborative explorationChen, Zichen; Subagdja, Bhuditama; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2020Goods consumed during transit in split delivery vehicle routing problems : modeling and solutionYang, Wenzhe; Wang, Di; Pang, Wei; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Zhou, You
2016Human-centred design for silver assistantsZeng, Zhiwei; Borjigin, Ailiya; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Wang, Di; Tan, Ah-Hwee
 2012iFALCON : a neural architecture for hierarchical planningSubagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2016Interactive Teachable Cognitive Agents: Smart Building Blocks for Multiagent SystemsSubagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2018An interpretable neural fuzzy inference system for predictions of underpricing in initial public offeringsQian, Xiaolin; Quek, Chai; Miao, Chunyan; Wang, Di; Zhang, Xiaofeng; Ng, Geok See; Zhou, You; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2017Leveraging the trade-off between accuracy and interpretability in a hybrid intelligent systemMiao, Chunyan; Zhou, You; Wang, Di; Quek, Chai; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Ng, Geok See
2020McDPC : multi-center density peak clusteringWang, Yizhang; Wang, Di; Zhang, Xiaofeng; Pang, Wei; Miao, Chunyan; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Zhou, You
2015Memes as building blocks : a case study on evolutionary optimization + transfer learning for routing problemsFeng, Liang; Ong, Yew-Soon; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Tsang, Ivor W.
2014Mobile humanoid agent with mood awareness for elderly careTan, Ah-Hwee; Wang, Di