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2021Auditors' responses to workload imbalance and the impact on audit quality*Heo, Jin Suk; Kwon, Soo Young; Tan, Hun-Tong
2022Causal attribution, benefits sharing, and earnings managementHelikum, Lukas J.; Tan, Hun-Tong; Xu, Tu
 2022Does client acquisition impair the objectivity of engagement partners and engagement quality review partners?Chan, Ian; Duh, Rong-Ruey; Tan, Hun-Tong
 2016Does Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Increase or Decrease Bias?Jamal, Karim; Marshall, Erin; Tan, Hun-Tong
 2023The effect of cash flow presentation method on investors' forecast of future cash flowsPornupatham, Sompong; Tan, Hun-Tong; Vichitsarawong, Thanyaluk; Yoo, G-Song
 2015Effect of concession-timing strategies in auditor-client negotiations: it matters who is using themSun, Yan; Tan, Hun-Tong; Zhang, Jixun
 2012The effects of guidance frequency and guidance goal on managerial decisionsWang, Elaine Ying; Tan, Hun-Tong
 2015How does readability influence investors' judgments? Consistency of benchmark performance mattersZhou, Bo; Tan, Hun-Tong; Wang, Elaine Ying
 2023The impact of repeated notifications and notification checking mode on investors' reactions to managers’ strategic positive title emphasisChen, Wei; Tan, Hun-Tong; Wang, Elaine Ying
 2017The impact of the timing of a prior year's auditor concessions on financial officers' judgmentsCheng, Mandy M.; Tan, Hun-Tong; Trotman, Ken T.; Tse, Aileen
 2012Investors’ reliance on analysts’ stock recommendations and mitigating mechanisms for potential overrelianceKelly, Khim; Low, Bernardine; Tan, Hun-Tong; Tan, Seet-Koh
2023Language, perceived warmth, and investors' reactions to audit committee reportsTan, Hun-Tong; Xu, Tu; Yu, Yao
 2018Management's responsibility acceptance, locus of breach, and investors' reactions to internal control reportsTan, Hun-Tong; Yu, Yao
2017Mandatory management disclosure and mandatory independent audit of internal controls : evidence of configural information processing by investorsKelly, Khim; Tan, Hun-Tong
2020What drives investor response to CSR performance reports?Guiral, Andres; Moon, Doocheol; Tan, Hun-Tong; Yu, Yao
2014When the use of positive language backfires : The joint effect of tone, readability, and investor sophistication on earnings judgmentsTan, Hun-Tong; Ying Wang, Elaine; Zhou, Bo
2019Who likes jargon? The joint effect of jargon type and industry knowledge on investors’ judgmentsTan, Hun-Tong; Wang, Elaine Ying; Yoo, G-Song