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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Altcoins : hidden gems or outright scamsTan, Teck Boon
2016Artificial Intelligence-enabled Technologies: Policy ImplicationsTan, Teck Boon
2016Artificial intelligence: policy implications for small statesTan, Teck Boon
2018Carfentanil : World’s Most Dangerous OpioidGunasekaran, Nandhakumar; Tan, Teck Boon
2017Do We Need A Broader Smart Nation Narrative?Tan, Teck Boon
2016The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Coping With Disruptive ChangeTan, Teck Boon
2021Is bitcoin junk?Tan, Teck Boon
2018Ketamine Antidepressant : Breakthrough or Potential Hazard?Tan, Teck Boon; Gunasekaran, Nandhakumar
2021The new space age : impact on strategic policyTan, Teck Boon
2016Pitfalls of the "Internet-of-Things"Tan, Teck Boon
2022Policing with big data: more security or anxiety?Tan, Teck Boon
2018Portable Drone Jammers : An AssessmentTan, Teck Boon
2016Rebalancing Encrypted Messaging AppsTan, Teck Boon
2016Remembering 9/11: Are We Any Safer Today?Tan, Teck Boon; Kumar, Ramakrishna
2021Small states in the new space age : policy lessons from UAE & LuxembourgTan, Teck Boon
2015Smart nation & its implications : the state in a hyper-connected SingaporeTan, Teck Boon
2016South Korea’s Demographic Dilemma: Impact on Economy and SecurityLee, Sang Ok; Tan, Teck Boon
2015A Super-aged Singapore: Policy Implications for a Smart NationTan, Teck Boon
2016Telemedicine: Modern Marvel or Technological Disaster?Tan, Teck Boon
2023Unmanned systems: the threat to public safetyTan, Teck Boon