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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Advertising primed: how professional identity affects moral reasoningSchauster, Erin; Ferrucci, Patrick; Tandoc, Edson C.; Walker, Tara
2022All news is not the same: divergent effects of news platforms on civic and political participationKim, Nuri; Duffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Rich
 2022Alone and lonely? How physical and perceived isolation can lead to problematic internet useGoh, Zhang Hao; Tandoc, Edson C.; Chan, Vanessa Xinyi
 2017Audiences’ acts of authentication in the age of fake news: a conceptual frameworkTandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Richard; Westlund, Oscar; Duffy, Andrew; Goh, Debbie; Zheng Wei, Lim
 2022Can press freedom enhance the effect of news exposure on COVID-19 health beliefs? A health belief model perspectiveGoh, Zhang Hao ; Tandoc, Edson C.; Salmon, Charles Thomas; Kim, Hye Kyung; Shi, Jingyuan
 2022#CancelCulture: examining definitions and motivationsTandoc, Edson C.; Tan, Beverly Hui Ru; Lee, Gabrielle Huei; Ng, Charlyn Min Qi; Chua, Rachel Angeline; Goh, Zhang Hao
 2019Comments, analytics, and social media : the impact of audience feedback on journalists’ market orientationHanusch, Folker; Tandoc, Edson C.
2022Communicating the future of energy use: qualitative insights into the efforts of environmental groups in Indonesia, Malaysia, and SingaporeHo, Shirley S.; Tan, Wenqi; Goh, Tong Jee; Tandoc, Edson C.
2022Consequences of online misinformation on COVID-19: two potential pathways and disparity by eHealth literacyKim, Hye Kyung ; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2022Covering COVID: changes in work routines and journalists' well-being in SingaporeTandoc, Edson C.; Cheng, Lydia; Chew, Matthew
 2022Does length matter? The impact of fact-check length in reducing COVID-19 vaccine misinformationTandoc, Edson C.; Lee, James Chong Boi; Lee, Sangwon; Quek, Pei Jun
 2018Fake news as a critical incident in journalismTandoc, Edson C.; Jenkins, Joy; Craft, Stephanie
 2022Fake news, real risks: how online discussion and sources of fact-check influence public risk perceptions toward nuclear energyHo, Shirley S. ; Chuah, Agnes Soo Fei; Kim, Nuri; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2021Falling for fake news: the role of political bias and cognitive abilityTandoc, Edson C.; Lee, James; Chew, Matthew; Tan, Fan Xi; Goh, Zhang Hao
2017Frankenstein journalismDuffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Richard
2019Journalism at the peripheryTandoc, Edson C.
2014Journalism is twerking? How web analytics is changing the process of gatekeepingTandoc, Edson C.
2016Keeping up with the audiences : journalistic role expectations in SingaporeDuffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2021“Live” together with you: livestream views mitigate the effects of loneliness on well-beingGoh, Zhang Hao; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ng, Bin
 2021Mainstream news media’s role in public health communication during crises : assessment of coverage and correction of COVID-19 misinformationLwin, May Oo; Lee, Si Yu; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Tandoc, Edson C.