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 2020Collaborative relationship discovery in BIM project delivery: a social network analysis approachWang, Yongqi; Thangasamy, Vimal Kumar; Hou, Zhaoqi; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Zhang, Limao
 2020Cross-scale generative adversarial network for crowd density estimation from imagesZhang, Gaowei; Pan, Yue; Zhang, Limao; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
2023A data-driven method for constructing the spatial database of traditional villages—a case study of courtyard residential typologies in Yunnan, ChinaMeng, Yanjun; Zhai, Hui; Teoh, Bak Koon; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Huang, Siyang; Cen, Dawei; Cui, Chaowei
 2021Data-driven prediction of contract failure of public-private partnership projectsWang, Yongqi; Shao, Zhe; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2021Data-driven quantification of public–private partnership experience levels under uncertainty with Bayesian hierarchical modelWang, Yongqi; Xiao, Zengqi; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Zhang, Limao
 2022Detecting logical relationships in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems with BIM using graph matchingWang, Yongqi; Zhang, Limao; Yu, Hongbo; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
2020Early construction cost and time risk assessment and evaluation of large-scale underground cavern construction projects in SingaporeMaruvanchery, Varun; Shao, Zhe; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2012Establishing SPV for power projects in Asia : an analysis of critical financial and legal factorsChowdhury, Abu Naser; Chen, Po-Han; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
2023Flow shop scheduling of hybrid make-to-stock and make-to-order in a distributed precast concrete production systemChen, Chen; Han, Jinchi; Liu, Ziwen; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
2023Identifying the promising production planning and scheduling method for manufacturing in Industry 4.0: a literature reviewChen, Chen; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Wu, Kan
 2015An investigation into tenant organizations' willingness-to-pay for the intangible value-added benefits of sustainable buildings : case study in SingaporeTiong, Robert Lee Kong; Lee, Irene Y. L.; Chen, Huiyu
 2020A new lossy compression algorithm for wireless sensor networks using Bayesian predictive codingChen, Chen; Zhang, Limao; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2020New model for identifying critical success factors influencing BIM adoption from precast concrete manufacturers' viewPhang, Thomas C. H.; Chen, Chen; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2020A novel learning cloud Bayesian network for risk measurementChen, Chen; Zhang, Limao; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
2021Official tenure, fiscal capacity, and PPP withdrawal of local governments: evidence from China’s PPP project platformWang, Yingying; Song, Wenjuan; Zhang, Bo; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
 2023River blockage and impulse wave evolution of the Baige landslide in October 2018: insights from coupled DEM-CFD analysesLi, Dongyang; Nian, Tingkai; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Shen, Yueqiang; Shao, Zhe
2016Vulnerability analysis for multiple critical infrastructure sectors using interdependencies modeling and network analysisLin, Jiwei; Tai, Kang; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong; Sim, Mong Soon