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 2020Convective filmwise condensation on the outer surface of a vertical tube : a theoretical analysisLiu, Pengfei; Ho, Jin Yao; Wong, Teck Neng; Toh, Kok Chuan
1995Development of a technique for thermal visualisation of heat transfer from fins using laser holographic interferometryLeong, Kai Choong; Liu, Chang Yu; Tam, Siu Chung; Toh, Kok Chuan; Tso, Chih Ping
 2023Dynamic performance analysis and thermal modelling of a novel two-phase spray cooled rack system for data center coolingLiu, Pengfei; Kandasamy, Ranjith; Ho, Jin Yao; Wong, Teck Neng; Toh, Kok Chuan
2005Fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in microchannelsAng, Gabriel Pau Hwee; Toh, Kok Chuan; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Wong, Teck Neng
 2020Influence of air on heat transfer of a closed-loop spray cooling systemLiu, Pengfei; Kandasamy, Ranjith; Feng, Huicheng; Wong, Teck Neng; Toh, Kok Chuan
 2020Laminar film condensation inside and outside vertical diverging/converging small channels : a theoretical studyLiu, Pengfei; Ho, Jin Yao; Wong, Teck Neng; Toh, Kok Chuan
2008A procedure for the motion of particle-encapsulated droplets in microchannelsYap, Yit Fatt; Chai, J. C.; Wong, Teck Neng; Nguyen, Nam-Trung; Toh, Kok Chuan; Zhang, H. Y.; Yobas, Levent
 2022Two-phase spray cooling for high ambient temperature data centers: evaluation of system performanceKandasamy, Ranjith; Ho, Jin Yao; Liu, Pengfei; Wong, Teck Neng; Toh, Kok Chuan; Chua, Sunshine Jr